Stat Of The Day

USC coach Lane Kiffin is 3-10 against ranked teams as a head coach according to this Sports Illustrated article.
Kiffin on former Lakers coach Mike Brown: “He was the coach for about seven games. That hit home.”

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  • great catch, wolfman!!

    AND i would point out that this LOUSY record was WITH TWO HEISMAN caliber players (as well as an ARMY of 5 star recruits)!!!!

    i wonder what Mike Reilly would have done with that talent??? or Jim Mora for that matter!!!

    • TrojanFan

      It’s a slap in the face for the ruin
      .ouch!!!…. 1-2 and outscored 108 to 52, over the last three seasons. pathetic!!!

      So what exactly is making you feel all tingly

      • Joe Blow

        S Bucket just ate a BLT, you know what I mean, and it made him sick. Listen, Coach Lessa has won ONE f ing game. BFD. If he wins this year, I’ll bow down. I know it won’t happen. And Mike Reily would NEVER go to a second rate school like Fucla.

  • ted

    I know Scott Wolf’s seemingly endless vendetta is tiresome but KIffin is got to go, If you really support Southern Cal. While Kiffin is not the worst out of nearly 200 Bowl Sub-division school. He is in the bottom 20%. Seeing as that Southern Cal football program is in the top 10% year in and year out, Southern Cal deserves a better coach. Kiffin has never had real success as a head coach. Tennessee, Raiders or Southern Cal.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      He is on the hottest seat in college football, despite what Haden may say……we will know soon enough what this years team is made of…..practice finally officially begins tomorrow, so we’ll see how things will stack up…