Hawaii Fires Offensive Coordinator Aaron Price

Hawaii coach Norm Chow has removed Aaron Price as the team’s offensive coordinator, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.
“It was a difficult decision to make,” Hawaii coach Norm Chow said. “Some issues have arisen and we’ve decided to move on without Aaron.”

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  • Helen

    Sounds like recruiting violations.

    • TrojanFamily

      Either that or a morals charge.

  • Joe Blow

    Yep, like telling someone the OC is the
    brains behind the offense……hmmmmmm

  • TrojanFan

    Perhaps he wanted to follow kiffin and wear both hats!

  • betomas

    I’m back in Hawaii again, enjoying the lovely weather and the lovely ladies that love the lovely weather. I may just pay Coach Chow a visit to see what gives.

    • TrojanFan

      Dude, you have a bad case of OCD, up past 2;00am every night trolling this blog talking shlt, beyond pathetic.

      Quit laying, your nose is growing. Watching Hawaii Five O on TV is not the same as being there, that dementia is some nasty stuff!!!!

      And now you are calling a herd of swine “lovely ladies”, that dememtia is some real nasty stuff

      Please leave Mr. Chow alone, he has enough on this plate to deal with. Plus, we all know about your “inside info”, it’s always yesterdays garbage

      PS…..the walls have enough paint……hint. hint !!!!!!!

    • Bucket’s Lover

      Charlie, why are you lying? we were in bed together down in your mom’s basement and sparks were flying

      I was feeling all tingly, hope I wasn’t too rough with you, you’re quite fragile as it is

      • betomas

        TFizzle, why are you such a stalker?…following me on Hawaii-themed Disqus articles. Creepy.

        By the way, for such a homophobe, your comment above is super gay. For always “nailing” bucket for having so many handles, you sure have a lot of them too. No life, I guess.

        • TrojanFan

          Hey betoass(aka Mr. Insider), sounds like you are experiencing a bad case of penis-envy, get in line, I’m sure your turn will come.

          Gingivitis is contributing to the dementia and rheumatoid arthritis. I can see why “bucket’s lover” called you fragile…..ouch!!!