Time Capsule: 1981 USC-Oklahoma Game

This is one of the great USC games of the modern era as No. 1-ranked Trojans played the No. 2-ranked Sooners at the Coliseum. The game was decided in the final two seconds. And you get Keith Jackson on a game where Oklahoma committed 10 “fumbbbbbbbbbles.”

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  • SD Phil

    Leave it to Wolf to show the entire let down game tie with Oregon but not show the end of this game.

  • bazinga

    “And you Keith Jackson on a game where Oklahoma committed 10 “fumbbbbbbbbbles.””? What does this mean? And what’s with the bbbbbbb? Did he stutter?

  • Golden Trojan

    I don’t remember the 1st game of this season, Tennessee, so this game was my first big time Trojan college football game, a helluva game and experience. Nice memory Wolf. Do miss Keith Jackson, it was more like fuuummmble though!

  • Mike 70

    Too bad the little baby bruins don’t have a rich heritage like USC!

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    My memory of this game is Barry Switzer smoking a cigarette on the sideline during the Trojans Game Winning Drive

  • gotroy22

    Unfortunately Marcus great year was marred when we lost our #1 ranking 2 weeks later in an upset loss at home to Arizona. Still it was a great game.

  • Jumping Crocodiles!! i haven’s seen the Dummies around here so TINGLY since, since…i’ve NEVER seen the Dummies around here so TINGLY!!!

    wolfman, nice of you to toss such a nostalgic gumball into the Chimp cage!!

    you know JUST WHAT IT TAKES to get YESTERDAY U all fired up for Summer Ball!!!

    look out “Lolo”!! Nobs is gonna be all fired up TONIGHT! get the pump and the wolf mask ready!!


    • Bucket’s Lover

      Charlie, why must you troll this blog 24/7? You need to spend more time with ME!

      Please wash your hands and get back in bed. I’m rock hard.

      And why is there a pig in the bath tub?

  • TrojanFan

    As a kid growing up, I loved to watch Oklahoma run the wishbone