Roster Number Additions

USC added two walk-on quarterbacks: Chris Willson, who transferred from Wake Forest, will wear No. 17. Ted Landers, who played at Serra and Mt. San Antonio College, is No. 18.

UPDATED: Defensive tackle Delvon Simmons, who transferred from Texas Tech, wears No. 97.

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  • rusoviet

    You know so many mock Scott but I know of none regardless of their ‘nomme de plumme’ who could gather so many USC fans to one site – no one.

    Understand – Scott needs to learn to ‘forgive and forget’ per Lane Kiffin and while he is at it also needs to learn to ‘move on’. If not he will be consumed and defined by his Daily News assigned task – Christ made note of the opportunities all of us are presented with and also noted we shall all be held accountable for what we were allowed to ‘explore’ …Lord help the (lazy, indolent, union hack, SEIU, capitalist predator and perverts). Understand life is short even if you are currently in you 20’s – 30’s – it is very very short and then you all and I as well, face eternity.

    Scott you provide an outlet for so many foes and friends of Troy unlike the bel-airians or the fighting Nigerians – you truly do – take heed you not be consumed by your ‘hurt’.

    Almost forgot – as a 5th generation native of LA ‘BLANK’ New York and especially ‘brooklyn’

    • TrojanFan

      I like how you swing for the fence!!

      I’m not sure if the wolfman will ever change, the vendetta is deep-rooted

    • ted

      i blame kiffin