Learning Day For Max Browne

None of the quarterbacks experienced much success today, which is not unusual because defenses are always ahead of offenses at the start of training camp. Offensive players have more to learn and it takes longer to install an offense.
Freshman quarterback Max Browne threw three interceptions and sophomore Cody Kessler also threw one. Browne said after practice he still believes he can win the starting job.
“Yes, I think (it is realistic),” Browne said.
Browne said he feels better than last spring.
“Before, everything was spinning,” he said. “Now it’s slowing down.”

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  • Karla

    Three interceptions out of seven throws? Sounds like “Barkley”!

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket, you truly are a TOOL!

      dementia is some nasty stuff

      • Cheap seats

        Bucket is only a Bruin when he’s catching. I guess when he’s pitching he’s a Trojan fan?

        • Trojan Hoarse

          No, I would argue that Bucket goes BOTH ways……

    • B.Miller

      What do you mean “our back up Plan” aren’t you a Bruin

  • Ben Factor

    Latest in a recent series of unexpected comments from Browne. Evidence that he is 8 after all.

    • Ben Factor

      typo–18 after all