Athlon’s Anonymous View On USC

Athlon’s interviewed Pac-12 coaching staffs anonymously and here’s what one said about USC:
“I think everybody thinks it’s a huge year for Lane (Kiffin). He needs to win or those people down there — they are already grumbling. The key will be, do they look respectable and do they get fannies in the seats? As long as they are getting people coming to games, if they look like they’ve got a decent product on the field, he’ll be OK. If they start looking sloppy and people stop showing up, he’s going to have problems.”

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  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    The team quit on him last year, the consensus is that you can’t them back, look for a long year. But with Haden, he might keep his job.

  • Ben Factor

    Unfortunately for Kiffin, I’m not sure how many people will attend games if he starts losing. That Pac-12 coach probably does not coach in Los Angeles.