Rick Neuheisel On USC’s Offense

Pac-12 Network’s Rick Neuheisel likes the fact USC might run more this season.

“They might be better without Matt (Barkley),” Neuheisel said, referring to an emphasis on the running game.

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  • rusoviet

    I believe Neuheisel is right. Barkley’s comments yesterday as reported in the LA Times reeked of, not mind you confidence, but barely concealed entitlement –
    “There is kind of an unspoken depth chart that hasn’t moved yet,” Barkley said after a recent practice. “It’s kind of rough battling that.”

    Although it’s not unusual for a rookie to start at the
    bottom rung, especially a fourth-round draft pick, Barkley isn’t accustomed to anything but the first team. He started all four years at Mater Dei High, then did the same at USC. So this is a new experience, getting accustomed to the NFL, to first-year Eagles Coach Chip Kelly and to waiting in line.

    “With Pete [Carroll, then USC’s coach], it wasn’t like it was given to me,” he said. “He throws you in with the 1s. ‘Let’s see what you can do.’ So I was kind of thinking that would be the same here, at least to get a shot just to
    see what you could do. But that hasn’t been the case yet, so hopefully that will come soon. It’s just different.”
    translation – ‘I’ve always always had my way and I better get it this time soon!’

    or this

    “Impatient as he is, Barkley is also realistic about the plight of a rookie and said he doesn’t want to be “that kid whining about reps, Where are you going to put me?’ and whatnot.”

    That’s exactly how you come across Matty.
    Look Matty we all realize the gift you gave last year in returning to USC you know that rehearsed ‘Christmas card’ at Lane Kiffin’s home – I’ll bet you practiced your phony grn over and over. Bummer it blew up on your watch and with it your chance for a ‘NC’ and a “Heisman”.

    Matty you remind me a lot of Joe Theismann i.e. spending your honeymoon having your wife quiz you on a playbook?

    Good riddance

    • Rusty Buckets

      unfortunately, LK lacks the intellectual capacity to make a difference

      • rusoviet

        I sincerely believe with his father gone as well as Barkley this is now Kiffin’s team top to bottom – his recruits, his coaching staff, his decisions as to who plays and who sits and finally his neck completely on the line.

        What is best of all whoever is the quarterback chosen that one has really really had to work for the starter’s slot.

        • Rusty Buckets

          USC is being more than fair to Kiffin. If he was coaching a big-time SEC school, he may already be gone. I am all for giving guys a chance to succeed, but I’m afraid that Lane simply lacks the ability to coach. We shall see.

          • rusoviet

            His dismissal at USC and elsewhere solely depends on the cost to buy he and his staff out. Hackett was the exception to not finishing out his contract. It is why a good choice has to be made on the front end.

          • Joe Blow


        • Tom Oday

          Again. Fourteen scholarship players + Markowitz, on this team, committed to Carroll. Many are starters.

  • Ben Factor

    I’m surprised by Neuheisel’s comment. If the running game should have been emphasized more in 2012, was it under-emphasized because Barkley was playing QB?

    I’ve heard a number of theories why USC didn’t run more and more successfully last year: poor line play, injured running backs, poor running back play, poor play-calling in the rushing attack, etc. I have yet to hear that Barkley was at the heart of the problem.

    I found some faults with Barkley. Still, I’m pretty sure that he could beat these three younger players out and be the starter (and not because of any favoritism).

    So just how might USC “be better without Matt”? If they are better (offensively), it will be because of better OL play, more healthy RBs, maybe some good new RBs, and a bunch of returning players who are a year older and more seasoned.

    • Cheap seats

      Of course, Barkley wasn’t DIRECTLY responsible for the lack of the running game, but his showing in 2011 made it much too tempting to think you can just ride his arm.

      Similar to what even HOF coach Don Shula did with Miami with Dan Marino, you think you could mask obvious deficiencies (offensive line, RBs, etc).

      Most forget how close 2012 came to an even BIGGER disaster. The departure of Marc Tyler left the backfield with undersized and injury prone Morgan and McNeil.

      One has to at least give Kiffin credit for pulling off the theft of Silas Redd from other programs in the nation.

      • Ben Factor

        A season is 12-13 games. A coach might be tempted at first, but would be expected to adjust to new facts. That is the weakness that I hope Kiffin has corrected.

        As you allude, the issues were more likely the health and size of the RBs, and the quality/health of the OL.

  • B.Miller

    Emphasis on the running game. – LETS GO O-LINE!