Strongest Arm

Earlier I ranked the quarterbacks’ performances. Arm strength is obviously not the most important factor but I’m often asked about it. Right now the quarterback with the strongest arm is walk-on Chris Willson. Max Wittek is close behind.

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  • Joe Blow

    Let’s see, Scott put his Open Forum out on July 29th, never answering any questions. So I’ll keep posing mine until he does:

    Scott, in all seriousness, when are you going to get over your vendetta against Kiffin? What is the root of it? That he continues to ignore you? That he makes more $$$ than you? Jealous of his personal life? What is it? Does not make sense. Your overall reporting loses all impact over this nonsense.

  • TrojanFamily

    Based on what, arm wrestling?
    A feisty cub reporter might consider reporting the distance each QB can throw, or perhaps report from WR which they consider to be the strongest arm. Perhaps this fiesty little upstart could quote one of the offensive coaches. Or this neophyte budding Grantland Rice could provide some other piece of evidence so his anxious readers can feel confident in the report rather than just presuming they are taking the word of a reporter with painfully little experience as an actual football player.
    Just a thought.

  • sugary sweeet scoops, wolfman!!

    now, who had the biggest eyes??

    Witteck by a mile?? agree!! those big peepers would make a Giant Squid green with ENVY!!!

    i bet Witteck would far more effective during night games…..especially if the power went out!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Well at least your lack of wit is matched by your low football IQ. Both are augmented by your inability to spell Wittek. Maybe you should stick to attempting to coin nicknames that no one else on the planet finds amusing.

  • Dennis Hogan

    Out of curiousity, what is the difference between a “ordinary” walk-on and a “preferred” walk-on?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      my understanding is that “ordinary” walk ons (unrecruited) are basically trying out for the team with no guarantee of having a spot on the roster…..whereas a “preferred” walk on (recruited) has a roster spot, but no guarantee of getting a scholarship…..

      • Dennis Hogan

        That explains it very well. Thanks.

  • TrojanConquest

    I’ll take accuracy over arm strength any day.

  • B.Miller

    Which QB is the best game manager?
    Which QB protects the ball the most?
    Which QB is most accurate?