Does Pac-12 Network Cost Too Much?

Here’s something to consider courtesy of Daily News media columnist Tom Hoffarth:

“At an estimated cost of 80 cents a subscriber per month — and going only to 26 million homes — the Pac-12 Network is more on par in price with the NFL Network (84 cents, in 72 million homes), but more than 2 times more of what we’re paying for the Big Ten Network (36 cents, in 50 million homes).”

5 thoughts on “Does Pac-12 Network Cost Too Much?

  1. Don’t know where you and Tom are getting your information. But a basic google search will give you multiple articles proving how WRONG you are. B1G Network gets ~.80 a subscriber IN FOOTPRINT. Same as the P12 network gets. Your 36 cents number is the AVERAGE for in and outside the footprint. PAC 12 Network outside is ~10 cents.

    • From Gopher News on the Big Ten Network

      The license fee the Big Ten is charging cable operators
      ranks 30th out of 39 regional sports networks tracked by Kagan Research, a
      well-respected industry source. Regional sports networks such as Comcast
      SportsNet Northwest, Philadelphia, Mid-Atlantic and Chicago cost double the Big
      Ten Network’s fees in the region. Outside the Big Ten’s eight-state footprint,
      Kagan ranks the network’s cost of about a dime at 84th out of 159 national
      networks. Kagan estimates that the average monthly license fee per subscriber
      for larger operators such as Comcast, Time Warner and Charter which have
      subscribers both inside and outside the eight states is 27 cents.

  2. Why, that’s even cheaper than supporting an African orphan with Sally Struthers!

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