Wait Continues For Silas Redd, D.J. Morgan

Tailbacks Silas Redd and D.J. Morgan attend practices and are dressed to practice but they usually don’t do much. Redd said last week he was 100 percent recovered from his torn meniscus. Morgan said he was fine last week too.

But obviously something is wrong. The question, especially for Redd, is when he will need to return to play in the Hawaii game.

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  • Helen

    USC doesn’t need either one to beat Hawaii. Kiffin should hold both back and let the newbies get more carries to see who stands out. We need Redd and Morgan for the difficult games and should not have injury setbacks during one-sded affairs like Hawaii.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, shlt or get off the pot, helen is too good for you


  • TrojanFamily

    you know, Scott, a young, intrepid, fierce cub reporter might find out what’s wrong with them. Here’s a little hint
    1) ask the medical staff. I know, I know, when you asked the first time they didnt say anything. But, you know, asking a few more times and maybe digging around for a little information occasionally serves a journalist well.
    2) Watch how they practice. A torn meniscus is not the sort of injury you can easily hide, if you are being affected by it. And then, report on how they look running.
    3) Consider for a moment that the coaching staff doesn’t feel the need just yet to rush them back, since they were both injured. They might practice light until the last week before the game. Rather than troll and insinuate anything additional is wrong, you might want to ask the staff (if any of them would speak to you) if there is anything to worry about with Redd or Morgan, or is this just precautionary.
    If you’d like, I could call one of the journalism school’s grad students to tutor you. With a little hard work, you can lift that D up to a C in no time!

    • TrojanFan

      He needs to invoke the services of betomas,
      aka “Mr Inside Info”

    • Cheap seats

      Not only that, he makes ZERO observations about what HE sees at practice. Everything “reported” is stuff from other online articles which makes me wonder if he’s even watching the practices or just showing up at the end to annoy Kiffin with the same questions.

      Luckily, I’ve seen Justin Davis carry a bit in practice. It’s really tough to get in sync with your offensive line without the necessary reps with pads. With the schedule looking soft early on, maybe they think they can limit the amount of reps in the running game in hopes of keeping guys healthy for the tougher part of the schedule?