Did Cody Kessler Win QB Job Today?

Max Wittek threw only seven passes today against an on-fire defense. And Cody Kessler threw 28 mostly against a reserve defense. Still, one has to wonder if Lane Kiffin will be able to coldly remember that fact and not be swayed by Kessler’s three touchdowns.

Granted, one was a screen pass to Javorius Allen and the 7-yard TD pass to Darreus Rogers probably should have been intercepted by Chris Hawkins. And Kessler’s second TD pass to Rogers also should have been intercepted.

It also did not help Wittek’s case that on third-and-14 and third-and-10 in the first half, Kiffin called running plays. I’m not advocating making a final decision. I just wonder if Kiffin is starting to make his decision.

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  • USConqueror1

    No because Lane Kiff is still F’in crap up. Pat Haden is a nice guy but incompetent. Ship em out.

  • Ben Factor

    Scott, you missed a great occasion for sniping at Kiffin. And even a legitimate one.

    What happened to the running game that was to be dominant in 2013?

    The offense couldn’t move against the 1’s, and couldn’t run against the 1’s or 2’s.

    Well, Scott, after practice Saturday, maybe you can ask Kiffin what he thought of the run blocking on film.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Perhaps a little credit should go to the defense, too?