Pick The Quarterback Forum

So do you think the quarterback derby is settled? Remember, Max Wittek’s had a strong week overall before today’s scrimmage. And Cody Kessler easily could have had two interceptions. That’s what Lane Kiffin is thinking about.

That said, is Kessler’s 231 passing yards too many too ignore? Post comments here.

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  • john wolcott

    Well, as some Einstein-like ucla bloggers have said, I am a typical SC idiot. So I have no idea what the coaches will do.

  • Ted

    it will be browne before the season’s end.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Your underwear?….dream on……

  • Joe Blow

    Scott, quit trying to stir the pot.

  • betomas

    Kessler FTW!! But Kiffin won’t go with him.

  • betomas

    Here’s a big fat Y-A-W-N for y’all know who’s boring and repetitive comments: YAAAWWWNNN. Aahhh…that felt good.

  • USConqueror1

    Guess whos back in the MF house?!! Me. The big bad Conqueror! What’s up weaklings.
    Its time to set the record straight and to put b!tches in their place.

    FIGHT ON MFs!!!

    • USConqueror1

      PS I had to make a big grand reentrance cuz thats just how I do it.

  • old_trojan_93

    Kiffin’s waiting for classes to start before he names a starter so Wittek can’t transfer out this year.

  • CT Trojan

    Wittek may be the better nfl prospect, but he had his chance and failed last year. I think Kessler will be the better college qb. Reminds me of the major applewhite Chris Simms battle at Texas years ago.

  • Cloud Shaman

    Kessler can make the consistent throws to move the team. He can be a mild threat on his feet. This season Kiffins needs to get wins and be consistent so the team begins to believe in itself or he is going to be history for sure.

  • B.Miller