Walk-On Aaron Minor Makes His Mark

Maybe USC’s depth at wide receiver is not too bad after all as freshman walk-on Aaron Minor made this memorable touchdown catch on cornerback Chris Hawkins during Friday’s scrimmage.

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  • Ben Factor

    It seems to me that the pass either (1) should have been thrown earlier and with a looping trajectory for the back of the end zone very near the outside line, or (2) should have been thrown a little behind the receiver, but to his right shoulder, so he could slow up, hopeful creating some distance from the CB, and then use his body to shield the catch away from the CB. Poor ball targeting.

    It’s nice that Minor could catch it with his arms around the CB in that way, but it worked only because the CB’s ball awareness wasn’t so good on the play.

    Please tell me some other interpretations.

  • ThaiMex

    So….good ol’ “YESTERDAY U” checks in at #24 in the just released A.P. Football Poll. At #24, YESTERDAY U is the # 4 ranked team in the PAC 12. Just like last year (#1 to UN) the AP rankings and Pac 12 rank seem just a little HIGH. With BAMBI (deer in the headlights) starting at Q.B., and Silas (coach I’m hurt) Redd at R.B., scoring points will not come easy.

    If Goat Boy is such a GREAT recruiter/Coach…how come neither of your TOP 3 Q.B.’s (2 of em’ are entering their THIRD YEAR in The Program) looks any better than any current top rated HIGH SCHOOL Q.B.? THREE YEARS IN THE PROGRAM and they are nicknamed BAMBI?….WTF..Two of these boys were ranked #! in their Class and came with those CURSED FIVE STARS!

    Maybe you shoulda hung on to James Boyd or Jesse Scroggins instead of running them off. Neither would have been any worse than what you’re stuck with this season.

    CHUCKER,,,,see if you can get Jezzzro on the phone. There’s something ODD going on over at Yesterday U when it comes to Q.B.’s. Wittek, Kessler and Browne (W.K.&B.) have something in common, while Boyd and Scroggins also have something in common but are VERY different than W.K.&B. Could it be, we have another legitimate conspiracy theory on our hands?
    Nothing would surprise me, because at LIMBO U, there’s only one way to go……LOWER!
    fit UN torgans!

    • Joe Blow

      When the slobs at Fucla football do something worthwhile, wake me up. Taco On!

      • ThaiMex

        The self proclaimed “FAT BOOSTER” calling someone else a “SLOB”?….Now that funny! Nubsie….are you now “DAINTY”?
        fit UN torgans

        • Joe Blow

          1954. Taco On!

    • Thai, you are on FIRE, Hobre!!
      (Thai, eres en Fuego, man!!)
      SOMETHING is screwy here, but i believe the LOGICAL explantion is the simplest one: the trOXans just don’t have any good QB’s!!!
      as far as Jezro’s concerned, he is totally fixated on Helen and Violet right now…..he is trying to figure out who they REALLY are!! so if ANYONE is gonna crack this conspiracy it’s gonna have to be the CADRE!!!