Fox Sports 1 Blinked And You Can Watch It

Interesting story here from that says Fox Sports 1 dropped its price from $0.80 per subscriber to $0.23 per subscriber in order to reach agreements with all the big cable/satellite distributors. Remember the Pac-12 Network is charging $0.80 per subscriber (except in rural areas).
So should DirecTV really agree to that fee when it plays 23 cents for Fox Sports 1 and 36 cents for the Big Ten Network?

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  • gotroy22

    How did Pat Haden qualify to be a Rhodes Scholar with this stupid thinking?

  • If anything, the FS1 deal just made the case for the P12Ns to drop that price. These are college sports that are, for the most part, in Major Markets which are a harder sell. I’ll go ahead and guess that there is projected number for revenue and distribution from this conference network that can only be reached if DTV agrees to this asking price and/or a condition that they cannot agree to a deal with another carrier that is lower than what the other companies signed at or the deal is restructured.

    • Dennis Hogan

      What networks? The only ones that I can find that are carrying the Pac-12 Networks are DISH and Time Warner Cable – the same carrier that dropped all of CBS’s stations because they were asking for “too much money” – how ironic

      • They call themselves the Pac-12 Networks rather than Network, so usually I verbal say “Pac-12 Networkssssssss”

        It is cute how Scott thinks the conference is major national branded conference like the SEC, B10, or even Big 12* but they aren’t and DTV knows this. How many Bowl games does the conference play East of Mississippi? Zero. Compared to how the SEC covers a large portion of the nation and is a ratings machine.

  • steveg

    Only the arrogance of Larry Scott is keeping the Pac12 networksssss from being on everyonesssss tv.

  • Eugene Ely

    (My comment wouldn’t post with links, so I’ve replaced the links with the titles of the story if anyone wants to google them)
    The article makes several apples to oranges comparisons.

    1. Fox is allowing carriers to carry FS1 under the existing Speed Channel contracts, but will attempt to renegotiate those contracts at the higher prices as Speed’s affiliate deals expire.
    So Fox is dealing with existing contracts and is large enough to lose money in the short term to build viewership before renegotiating to their FS1 pricing model. The P12N has neither existing contracts like the Speed channel, or deep pockets like Fox to do something like this.

    2. The 36 cents per sub for the BTN is dated info, as it was reported in 2010 and was an average price of BOTH inside Big Ten footprint and outside footprint subscribers. This article (Big Ten might keep newest schools off net) says the BTN charges .80/.15 for inside/outside footprint. And this article (New TV markets to test Big Ten) quotes an industry expert in saying the BTN now charges 97 cents per sub in Big Ten markets, as they renegotiated many contracts last year.

    The .80/.10 pricing model the P12N is reportedly asking for inside and outside footprint is slightly less than what the BTN is getting. It should also be noted the BTN is carried on DirecTV’s Choice package EVERYWHERE, and P12N is reportedely only asking for carriage on Choice in Pac-12 markets, and sports package outside. So lower costs and LESS distribution than the Big Ten Network. So explain to me again why the P12N is overpriced??