Lane Kiffin Makes Pitch For Pac-12 Network

Now the conference coaches are getting into the act and Lane Kiffin’s video testimonial evokes images of Marv Goux delivering a pre-game speech. Watch video here

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  • gotroy22

    Support the most overpriced channel in the history of cable television!

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      No kidding, Larry Scott just doesn’t get it.

  • Eugene Ely

    I posted this information on another article, but the misinformation being put out on this site is worth a repeat post.
    Wolf had quoted an article comparing the supposed 36 cents the BTN is getting per subscriber with the 80 cents the PAC-12 is askng. However, the 36 cents was the average price of BOTH inside Big Ten footprint and outside footprint subscribers, while the 80 cents is the price only for inside PAC-12 market, with 10 cents being the reported price for outside market. Also the 36 cents for BTN was first reported in an article in 2010 (google: Big Ten Network 36 cents), so it is outdated info. More recent articles report the BTN charges from .80/.15 for inside/outside footprint (google: Big Ten might keep newest schools off net), up to 97 cents per sub inside Big Ten markets (google: New TV markets to test Big Ten).

    In light of that, the .80/.10 pricing model the P12N is reportedly asking for inside and outside footprint is slightly less than what the BTN is getting. And the BTN is carried on DirecTV’s Choice package EVERYWHERE, while P12N is reportedely only asking for carriage on Choice in Pac-12 markets, and sports package outside (consistent with what they have with Dish; 120+ in market, sports package outside market). PAC-12 fans should at least understand that the conference is asking for a lower price and LESS distribution than the Big Ten Network, before calling the P12N overpriced.