Marqise Lee Makes Positive Statement

If you want anyone to be the face of USC football, no one is better suited than wide receiver Marqise Lee. He is entertaining, honest and always complimentary to his teammates during interviews. And he loves to talk.
So why did Lane Kiffin forbid him from speaking to the media for 11 days once he bruised his shoulder, especially after he returned to practice last week and even Kiffin said he was healthy?
Lee took matters into his own hands Monday and spoke to TV and print reporters even though he wasn’t supposed to. He was engaging as usual and had a lot of great stories for USC fans.
It’s just another one of those strange Kiffin decisions that create a problem where one does not exist. Don’t you want Marqise Lee happy going into the season? Why make him feel shackled before the season even starts?

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  • psychiatrist friend today noted they felt it possible Kiff presents characteristics of a mild to moderate level of Asperger’s Syndrome.

    this person pointed out the emotionless facial expressions, the lack of connection and social awkwardness. also, Asperger’s patients often have a very high level functionality in certain areas with which they become obsessed, whether it is computers or in Kiff’s case, football.

    this may explain wolfman’s observation that Kiff doesn’t get how his arbitrary decisions affect others. Bill Gates, another famous person with Asperger’s is notorious for not being aware of how his actions affected others.

    BRILLIANT INSIGHTS, wolfman!!! it took a trained expert to notice these tendencies, but your amazing powers of perception identified the issue immediately!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Another sign on autism–having no friends other than imaginary Internet friends and calling them “the Cadre”

      • WAH! WAH! WAH!!

        Geez Louise!! i compare Kiff to BILL GATES and the trOXans still cry like babies!!!

        i suppose if i compare Silas “coach i’m hurting” Redd to OJ Simpson, you Dummies would have a problem with THAT too???

        coming soon: psychological analysis of individuals from wolf’s blog…..


          Just because you have multiple accounts, it does not make you “individuals”.

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            this is called a “coping mechanism”.

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          • Joe Blow

            They all blend together. Dumb and Dumber

          • wit and charm!!! read: dementia

      • Just because I made them up doesn’t mean they aren’t real!

    • Tom Oday

      Your visits to this psychiatrist don’t seem to be helping YOU at all, you sick SOB.

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      But I was talking to him the other day, and I took some pills he gave me. The next thing you know I was on my knees in an alley, with a crack dealer with his pants down. Needless to say I’m going to leave him a negative review on Yelp.

      The point is this is a terrible blog, but not so terrible that I’m not above wasting my time here!

      • nice try Moot…i havent had you banned up to now, cause you have not been too disruptive, but you are on notice!!

        I guess the you sensed the trOXans were in big trouble today and could not handle my Aspergers comment!!

        i wish someone would compare ME to some big national computer hero who is the worlds second richest man!!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath


          What on earth are you doing accusing others of having multiple accounts and creating fakes?
          You have made it very clear in the past that you believe only crazy people make such accusations!!!

          • say hi to Leonard for me.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Seems as if you can say it yourself now

          • tell me about it! Rosenberg asked a while back if i wanted the faux Bucket banned and i said, “nah, not causing any problems” but i may have to revisit this….although he is easy to for Cadre to spot, i am concerned the kids from the Lil’ Cadre may be confused by the lack or charm and humor in the faux Bucket’s comments.

          • TrojanFan

            It all leads back to the Dementia!

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      • Trojan Fan

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          • Joe Blow

            It was obvious. Another attempt to upgrade his persona. Didn’t work.

          • ted

            in vegas? how many games do you make it out to?

          • TrojanFan


          • ted

            I would like to meet you to see if you really exist. Season ticket holder Sec. 21 Row 56 Where you at?

      • Joe Blow

        I’m sure you were on your knees. The only crack you smoke is your old lady’s.

    • I wanted to be JK McKay

      i politely disagree………I have seen Kiff express the same emotion as a deer does when he is looking into the headlights. It happens when the Trojans are losing and he doesn’t know how to adjust his pre-scripted offense as he stares at the scoreboard.

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    This is just another in a long line of reasons that Kiffin must be shown the door.

  • betomas

    Wait, we all know that Kiffin is paranoid when it comes to the press and other things finding out about team injuries, etc. It sounds like he was afraid that Lee would give other teams an “advantage” if he mentioned how “bad” or how “benign” his injury (or anyone else’s) was. I don’t know that it really made too much of a difference to Lee that Kiff asked him to sit out on interviews.


      • fake

        • TrojanFan

          Fake, it’s the tool you use on helen and violet, but the flavor never changes!

  • Chad Parker

    Wolfie, who said this a problem? Did Marqise say he had a problem with Kiffin’s decision?

    Also, did Marqise tell you he is unhappy? Did he tell you he was shackled?

    No, you just created it where one does not exist.

  • WEB_Dupree

    “Shackled”? And you had to bring race into it…

  • john wolcott

    Kiff does seem to be an introverted personality in an extroverted football world, so he will be uncomfortable much of the time. I bet he’d prefer to simply work out strategy alone in his office than to meet the press.

    On the other hand, I have heard him on the radio having a good time and joking around nicely. Maybe it is the face-to-face situations that give him the creeps.