Lane Kiffin Said He Doesn’t Know Starting Quarterback

Lane Kiffin was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and asked if he knew who the starting quarterback would be: “I don’t. At times I think I do. I don’t know.”

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  • Golden Trojan

    Lane really needs to work with the Speech Comm. Dept.

  • WEB_Dupree

    When a guy can only give the final rose to one person, he really has to search his heart.

  • Ben Factor

    I don’t agree with the general view that Kiffin is being indecisive. He may be manipulating Wittek not to transfer, and I don’t even know that.

    Kessler had developed a very recognizable performance advantage. Recently, however, he has thrown more interceptions and dropped interceptions than before, and has taken a lot of sacks. I had read that he was the more mobile QB and made better decisions. Well then, when under pressure, why doesn’t he run with the ball, or throw it away? And what’s with all the near inteceptions…and against the unproven USC CBs?

    Meanwhile, Wittek has shown improved judgement and sometimes played extremely well. Still, sometimes not.

    I can certainly see how Kiffin could think he knows “at times,” but a day later, really not know.

    If I were Kiffin, I would seriously consider alternating QBs against Hawaii. The chance of losing the game outright is small, and maybe we’ll see if either QB is a better “gamer.” Right now, I agree with Kiffin…I don’t know.

    • Golden Trojan

      That was my thoughts as well earlier today. Great minds think alike.

  • Ben Factor

    On the other hand, I do think Kiffin should stay off the interview circuit. He does a crappy enough job with his post-practice briefings. He has no instinct for being gracious or tolerant. His handling of Gary Klein was steadily rude, and foolish, since Klein is with the Times.

    Kiffin has plenty to do right now, and nothing he is going to say will improve his public image. He should isolate himself with his coaches and see what seems to be going wrong with his strategy of relying more on the run?

    And I don’t want to hear that a lot of RBs are injured. The uninjured ones ought to have done better than they did at last week’s scrimmage. I highly doubt that the RBs who did play were the main cause of those pathetic rushing stats. My common sense tells me that it’s much more likely that there is something wrong with the blocking schemes, the plays being called, or the OL personnel. My bet would be on the schemes and the plays.

  • betomas

    Marquise Lee would be the best player on defense and blow everyone out of the water? Way to diss the defense, Kiffin. This guy just needs to shut up and coach better than he has.