No QB Decision From Lane Kiffin Tonight

USC coach Lane Kiffin said he has not made a quarterback decision during his coaches’ show tonight. Kiffin said he is still evaluating the quarterbacks and once again did not rule out playing both Cody Kessler and Max Wittek.

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  • Stu Azole

    Silly Trogies don’t see what Lane is up to? This is like a “go for two…no, let’s kick the PAT” trick. He’s started the head-games with Norm early, that’s all. Guy is a friggin genius!

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      I think he might switch jerseys with Wittek and Kessler at half time just to confuse Norm.

      • WEB_Dupree

        Kiffin is going full on “Face/Off” this season. If you see a black guy on the field with Max Wittek’s face, you’ll know something’s up.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey STUpid, are you related to bucket? The vice might of changed, but the breath still smells the same!

      • ted

        Hey dude where do you sit? you coming on Sep 7th?

        • Cheap seats

          I am. My seats are right above the thundering heard. I was C&G before, but stopped during the Bush years. You?

          • ted

            I bought these seats for this game. I am not able to afford nice seats like these. GA all the way

    • Bill

      Lame is playing head games with Norm? Wow! Then again, Hawaii is such a powerhouse! Has SuC sank that low?
      Keep On Kiffin On!

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Classic. Kiff is Neuheisel with a better-looking wife!

    • TrojanFamily

      Since UCLA owns the Rosé Bowl, will the powder puff blue warriors finally draw more than 40K for a game that doesn’t involve USC?

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Nice try. 68K avg in 2012. And I thank God I wasn’t born into a Trojan household–seriously, red and gold?! So freaking gawdy. LOVE the blue and gold. And yeah, we own the RB. Ask Matt Barkley.

        • TrojanFamily

          Yes you do. Once a decade.

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            9-6 all time against pUSC in the RB. Again, nice try.

          • Joe Blow


          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl


          • Trojan Hoarse

            T.J. Millweard >>> Kansas

          • TrojanFan

            Two wins in the last 14 seasons, pathetic!

            What exactly is making you all tingly?

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            UCLA: Defending Pac-12 South Champs, and favored to win the division once again. Better coach, better QB, better recruiting class, blue Victory Bell, better team chemistry, with a coach that hasn’t “lost the locker room” like Kitten has. But hey, here’s a fun fact: the last “non vacated” national championship is now a decade old . . . 2003 sounds like a looooonggg time ago, doesn’t it? Poor pUSC, running on the fading fumes of Petey’s ghost…

          • TrojanFan

            It’s the OVERALL all time record that counts

            NICE TRY!!

  • Helen

    Scottie: I have a better idea – why don’t you report when Kiffin has announced a starting QB, instead of every 5 minutes that he has not.

    • B.Miller


    • TrojanFan

      Helen, that’s a great idea, your best post ever!

      The new meds are working

  • Cloud Shaman

    My guess he is going to act in his best interest and make the decision that would reflect best on him and give him the most options. That is to appear fair to both players and the fans. He will do this by starting Kessler because has earned a shot to show what he can do in a game situation. Kiffin will allow Wittek to play the second quarter to show what he can do against a weak team. This is the best way to judge them in a game situation against the same team. Depending on their performance the results will show who is in command.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    This pulled from the 2010 UCLA blog archive regarding “no choice of QB yet.” This is when UCLA had a battle going between Prince and Brehaut (you might say, “who?”, which is exactly my point). Now it’s SC’s turn to not have a clear leader at the position…Sidenote: Neuheisel had Barr listed on the depth chart as an F-Back. Thank God Mora saw Barr’s real potential as an LB.

    UCLA depth chart updated

    Posted on August 30, 2010 by Jon Gold


    UCLA has updated its depth chart heading into Saturday’s season opener with Kansas State: New DC

    Here are the surprises, and not-so-surprises:
    QB: Kevin Prince OR Richard Brehaut
    TB: Derrick Coleman OR Johnathan Franklin
    WR: Randall Carroll OR Jerry Johnson at No. 2 split end behind Rosario
    WR: Ricky Marvray at No. 2 flanker behind Embree, ahead of Smith
    F-back: Morrell Presley OR Anthony Barr

    • TrojanFan