USC Is Only Nation’s No. 21 Most-Expensive Ticket On Secondary Market

Secondary ticket marketplace Vivid Seats reports that USC is the nation’s No. 21-most expensive ticket in the secondary market at $115. USC currently ranks behind both Oregon (No. 14; $144) and Washington (No. 17; $135). No other Pac-12 team ranks in the top 25.
No USC home game ranks in the top 10 but the USC-Notre Dame game in South Bend is the fourth-most expensive ticket with an average price of $495.
Here is the cost of each game according to Vivid Seats:

UCLA Bruins at USC Trojans 11/30/2013 $195

Stanford Cardinal at USC Trojans 11/16/2013 $159

Utah Utes at USC Trojans 10/26/2013 $95

Arizona Wildcats at USC Trojans 10/10/2013 $93

Boston College Eagles at USC Trojans 9/14/2013 $91

Washington State Cougars at USC Trojans 9/7/2013 $88

Utah State Aggies at USC Trojans 9/21/2013 $77

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  • Golden Trojan

    Oregon and Washington hold 60-70k while the Coli holds 100k, basic supply and demand.

  • Helen

    Scottie: price is a function of supply and demand. It would be nice if you would have factored out the supply component (size of stadiums) to get a real measure of demand in which the different teams could be ranked. The list you show of USC home games effectively does this. Other than the UCLA game, the rankings make sense and seem correlated to how good the opponent is.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey Helen, how many home runs will Lee hit against Hawaii? That’s a tough one!

  • trojan92

    Well now I’m glad my USC vs. ucla tickets sold for $600 each!

  • Joe Blow

    That means nothing. You have bucket type tickets at $5 bucks and delusional a holes at several thousand. Means zip.

  • TrojanFamily

    It’s all about the size of the Stadium and the number of terrible seats who get resold

  • WEB_Dupree

    If fairness to Wolf, USC may have a bigger venue, but the U. of Oregon is not sitting in the middle of the second-biggest city in the United States and a massive metro area with God knows how many thousands of alums living nearby.

  • steveg

    Only jucla game that they can charge for tickets. The rest of the season they give away.