• thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!!

    fortunately, you can see this situation objectively while Rain Man Kiff remains inexplicably puzzled!!

    does he REALLY want to start Goggle Eyes in another road game?? what if the crowd makes noise???

    Judge Whopner at 3PM, definitely Whopner!!

    i think the trOXans will be looking back at the good old days of the Pious Passer soon!! forget about the fact he choked in every big game and couldn’t lead a fat guy to box of donuts!!!

    oh, Chucker-Bucker, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!!

    • Joe Blow

      Guess bucket just woke up and finished slopping the wife. But he did find the box of donuts.

      Head games with Barr? chortle.

      • GAAWD!!! you’re TOTALLY OBSESSED with me!!! am i ALL you think about all day? i thought so.

        you should pay more attention to Jojo, i mean LOLO!!

        • Joe Blow

          Whenever I have to go #2, I think of you.

  • MichiganTrojan

    Forget the arm strength angle this season. The Trojans were woefully one-dimensional last year in their play-calling. If Kessler is the guy to make this team a more efficient, well-run just do it. The last three years we’ve watched Kiff get cute to start the season, “hiding” his playbook until the first meaningful game. They’ve got to get rid of that mentality, and I think Kessler would be good for that in transition. With Wittek’s arm strength, Kiff will probably try and continue his stubborn play-calling (bubble, bomb, bubble, toss right, 7 step drop, 3 formation shifts at the line before the snap, etc).

    Bottom line, they need a manager to start the season, someone who will keep Kiff honest. Road-grade on the run game. Wear teams down with Madden and Isaac and then send out the BMWs (Davis, Redd and Allen). Start targeting the TEs in the seam. Get the ball to Marqise, Nelson and Darreus in the soft spots underneath. THEN go over the top! This isn’t the NFL, there’s some room for error here, not every throw has to be perfect. Let’s get some momentum in the first 4 games – no penalties, 3rd down conversion success, minimize sacks, get the run game going, build an identity. I think Kessler is that guy. There’s too many great pieces on this offense for us to be waiting for a future HOFer to get under center. If we had a Trent Dilfer-type QB back there we’ll probably make a BCS game this year.

    • Ben Factor

      Have you observed all Kessler’s dropped INTs over the last week? He also takes a lot of sacks, rather than running with the ball or throwing it away.

      Have you observed that the run game is not working so well?

  • socaldude

    I expect Kiffen to wait until Monday to make his announcement.

    Classes start on Monday and once Wittek and Kessler start classes they are locked in and can’t transfer. Kiffen particularly seems to live in fear of Wittek transferring.

    In my opinion and shared by many fans is that Kessler has the “it” factor. It’s an intangible and subjective but yesterday he came back from two deflected interceptions to throw two second half touchdowns. In the spring game Wittek drove the team down field in the first series and Kessler launched a td bomb to Lee on the first play of his series. That’s a good enough arm.

  • AWESOME story in today’s LAT about how trOXans with big Heisman credentials deflate in the Pros, like the weak kneed individuals they truly are!!

    Lienart, Bush, Palmer, Booty, Sanchez, Williams ALL BUSTED!!!!

    this failure rate for so called Heisman candidates all points to a trOXan character trait that is evident not only for the players but the trOXans on this blog: they simply have no guts.

    • Joe Blow

      And just think, no bRuins ANYWHERE to be found.

      Gary Beban was a HIT in the Pros. chortle chorle

      • My favorite was the WILLIAMS post-heisman NFL career!!!!!!!!!

        • Joe Blow

          Weak response…..like all your others.

        • TrojanFan

          WOW! …that Dementia is some real nasty stuff….wink wink!!

          • Joe Blow

            The guy has no response to any coherent post.

    • WEB_Dupree

      Booty and Sanchez had big Heisman credentials?

  • B.Miller

    Who is the best game manager? Who is the accurate passer? Who takes care of the ball the best?
    Only 3 questions that matter.

  • Ben Factor

    I liked Scott’s article, and I like his attitude about the QBs over the last week or so.

    Neither guy has consistently played that great lately (and lately counts more than last Spring, or first Fall scrimmage).

    Kiffin DOES have a difficult choice, and I hope he alternates QBs against Hawaii.