Lane Kiffin Cannot Name Starter At QB

The big news is that Lane Kiffin will play both quarterbacks against Hawaii.  He won’t pick starter until team goes to Hawaii.

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  • Helen


    • TrojanFan

      Helen is confused again, poor girl!

      That Dementia is some nasty stuff!

  • David Keeling

    Is that so bad? Kessler has improved his position to where it is now a game to game decision. The first QB that throws picks, fumbles or makes poor decisions losses. The first QB that keeps the team moving forward and scores more often wins. What I like about this is it makes both QBs totally accountable on the field. Good decision Kif.

    • ted

      You have to be joking, when is ever a good idea to not settle on a QB and go with a 2 qb system? Kiffin needs to be fired.

    • Ben Factor

      Not bad at all. USC is a four touchdown favorite. If they only win by one touchdown because of some discontinuity in the offense, it’s meaningless.

      These two QBs have played very evenly after the first week of Fall practice. An actual game is the perfect environment for Kiffin to learn what he needs to learn–who plays better in an actual game, against a defense that doesn’t know him like the back of its hand, utilizing identical offensive personnel, playing against identical defensive personnel?

      • Cheap seats

        Anyone who has followed LK knows his history of not announcing starting QBs whenever the starter is in question. Even with the Raiders, it was a SECRET and felt that it would make their opponent work harder because they had to prepare for two QBs.

        Of course, the team and Kiffin knew all along who would get the job when the game started.

        Although he favored McNown and Culpepper while at Oakland, many times he would keep the media in the dark.

        • Ben Factor

          That’s new information for me. Thank you.

          If I accept your premise that Kiffin has already selected his #1 QB, then I have two questions: (1) does Kiffin really think that he needs that kind of edge against Hawaii?; (2) is Kiffin manipulating the non-starter to stay at USC by intentionally misleading him, so that he misses the deadline to transfer without forfeiting a year of eligibility?

          I tend to answer “no” to question (1), and “yes” to question (2).

          The proof will be in the pudding. If the QBs alternate, then Kiffin has been straightforward with two of his important players. If they do not alternate, and it does become too late to transfer without forfeiting a year of eligibility, then, IMHO, Kiffin is not fit to coach young men who play without adequate compensation, and have a vision of their future that includes the NFL. And if Haden is OK with Kiffin’s doing that, he’s not fit for his job either. This is a university, not Wall Street.

          • Cheap seats

            Of course, this is different. With Oakland, he never said he was going to play 2 QBs.

            I too think its a stupid move by Kiffin. Although neither “stood out” like he mentioned, he just needs to make a decision.

            Playing 2 QBs says off the bat that you don’t respect your opponent. You can imagine the backlash if we get upset by one of these early teams.

          • Cheap seats

            Another angle on your #1 question: he probably does. Look at the stuff he tried to pull with Colorado last year in switching jerseys.

  • Helen

    Helen called this weeks ago, yes she did.