Max Wittek, Cody Kessler Reaction To Sharing QB Job


Here’s what the quarterbacks said after practice.

Max Wittek: “We’re both going to go out there and try to take advantage of our opportunities. Ultimately, Cody and myself both had good camps. We’re going to keep competing.”

Cody Kessler: “I honestly had no idea (this would happen). I feel like I personally worked as hard as I possibly could. We both got the same speech (on sharing the job). It was like, `all right, here we go then.’ ”

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  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    Kiffin, the train wreck that keeps on giving

  • nath don

    I am an SC fan that is eager for this season to be such a total disaster that “the train wreck can stop giving.”

    That said, the pain is obviously felt by the current batch of players. I feel for these guys. They came to SC to win. Instead, they seem to have found themselves on a sinking boat which, it turns out, doesn’t even have a damn rudder! That Kiffin cannot even bring himself to do the minimum — i.e. spend more than a hot second coming up with a depth chart — is not confidence inspiring.

    Perhaps those players will get a chance to get even with him as he scurries out of town.