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WITTEK.SCRIMMAGECody Kessler and Max Wittek found out Saturday morning they would both play against Hawaii. After Saturday’s practice, Wittek seemed relieved by the decision while Kessler seemed matter-of-fact by events. Kessler probably would have a right to be disappointed if he heard all the media types that predicted he would win the starting job. Here’s my story on Saturday’s events.

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  • Capt Charles R

    The fans want Kessler, but Kiffin wants Wittek. Kiffin will actually start Wittek against Hawaii. If Wittek has a few bad QTR’s, then he can always put in Kessler. So it looks to me that Wittek wins for now, until Max Browne can come up to speed! Now, where is the running game? Without that, USC will be doomed this season! Note to Hayden, I hope you are looking now for a new football coach for starting in Jan 2014, next year! šŸ™‚

    • ted

      Wow! A sane, realistic comment!! Am I on the right blog?

    • Ben Factor

      Kessler opened a big lead in the competition during the Spring, and then when Fall camp started. They played pretty even after that. Therefore, platooning the QBs does not bother me. If “the fans” are right, Kessler will demonstrate that on the field. Kiffin has zero incentive to continue with a “lesser QB” than he has available. What is the big deal regarding the Hawaii game, in which USC is favored by 4 TDs?

      However, you asked the question that DOES bother me: “Now, where is the running game?” That has been under-reported since the 2nd scrimmage, probably lost in the QB controversy. One former college coach made comments that suggested it fails to use an awful lot of play possibilities, doesn’t adjust to what the defense is doing, and he questioned the line spacing. These sound like basic coaching issues. It made me wonder: does Kiffin really understand, and is he able to effectively coach the ground game?

  • TrojanFan

    The last thing Kessler needs is to have the media get in his head.

  • steveg

    Makes me wonder can Kiffen ever make a decision. We have seen the deer in the headlights look, please show us some leadership this season. We have not seen it yet.

  • steveg

    And why can’t Kiffen make the decision, it’s not like the two guys haven’t defined themselves. One is like Barkley, and one isn’t. What is wrong with “different”?

  • socaldude

    Either Kiffen has a total man crush on Wittek or Wittek has pictures on Kiffen.

    After three years of competition where Kessler has outperformed Wittek, Kiffen still can’t cut the chord

    Wittek really laid a stinker in the Sun Bowl. That was arguably the poorest performance by a USC qb in many years. Probably more disturbing was the hollow look in his eyes asking to be relieved. He has been groomed for this position much like Todd Marinovich for a long time.

    Lets hope Kiffen has the decency to start Kessler, who deserves the opportunity at Hawaii. Why reward Wittek for losing the competiton in the spring and fall and laying an egg in El Paso.

    At least this get the qb’s through Monday so nobody transfers. This cures Kiffen’s paranoia over Max leaving.

    Would Russel Martin and Drew Brees be on the USC bench for not being 6’4″ with a blazing fastball and not attending Mater Dei?

    What must Max Browne think? He too was promised an open competition and that never materialized. Now he watches this drama for the starters and the winner not getting his just dues. Maybe he is wondering that if Kiffen stays will he truly be given a legit shot.

    • Hey SUC’s

      Kiffy’s problem is he has lazy eyes and can’t see straight. SCU will be lucky to play .500 ball with the Goat’s slot machine strategy.

  • I think people not spelling Kiffin correctly has bothered me more than the 2-QB announcement. Last time a 2QB system was around it got the team to a Rose Bowl, not that I expect that result, but people need to calm down till the product on the field is presented.

  • Cloud Shaman

    One quarterback will rise to the occasion.