Winners And Losers Of The Week (Pre-Hawaii Edition)


The quarterback controversy

No clear cut starter. At least we know what everyone will be focused on against Hawaii. Even garbage time will be significant.

Justin Davis

He looks poised to become a fan favorite in Hawaii game, as long as coaches get him enough carries.

Chad Wheeler

Won left tackle job in first days of camp and now doesn’t even face competition at spot.

Lamar Dawson

Held off freshman Quinton Powell and Anthony Sarao to win weakside linebacker position.


Javorius Allen

Well, maybe the depth chart wasn’t so vague. After he got more carries than any tailback in training camp, he is clearly listed No. 4 on depth chart.

Salute to Troy

If you were on campus Saturday, you heard fans complaining about where to go to enter the event and looking for signs to help them out.

The depth chart

With nine positions without a starter, there’s little point in releasing one. Looks like another situation where Lane Kiffin thinks he is keeping an opponent off balance by not saying anything.

Media coverage of USC

No one cares about closing practices or barely letting players speak to the media. But when TV stations talk about spending more time at UCLA, that’s an issue that could even affect recruiting.

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  • TrojanFan

    “No one cares about closing practices or barely letting players speak to the media. But when TV stations talk about spending more time at UCLA, that’s an issue that could even affect recruiting.”

    Interesting comment, wolfman, because it was a guy like you that ruined it for the rest!

    • Stu Azole

      Lol. Wolf just doing a job.

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Yeah, blame Wolf for Kiffin being a doucher.

      • TrojanFan

        Do you work at the local ampm?

        • L’Angelo Misterioso

          What, no mom jokes?

    • Joe Blow

      HellAngelo, Coaches BEFORE Kiff hated Scott.

      • TrojanFan


        The guy sounds clueless

        • L’Angelo Misterioso

          Well, you prove on a daily basis that you’re clueless

      • gotroy22

        The goal of a reporter isn’t to be liked by the subject he is covering. It’s to report what is happening whether good or bad.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Gotroy22……so you don’t think that Wolf has ever been guilty of Yellow Journalism, from time to time?……

        • Joe Blow

          Dope22, the goal of a reporter is to REPORT and HAVE sources. You can’t get real scoops when EVERYBODY hates you. Gary Klein of the Times writes negative articles about SC, but he’s liked and gets inside information. Scotty’s boy left the state and is now back, but SC doesn’t like him either.

    • gotroy22

      You are right. Pointing out Lane Kiffin’s foibles ruined it for everyone.

      • TrojanFan

        No, but breaking the rules did

  • TrojanFan


    Scott Wolf

    His obsession with the QB derby led to a lack of reporting on other aspects of training camp. The cheesy videos made it worse!

    • gotroy22

      That’s right deciding who will be the starter at the quarterback position isn’t important.

      • TrojanFan

        Are you really that naive….hahaha!!!


    Salute lost with the smallest crowd since.Hackett. Most of the Trojan family did not applaud when Kiffin was introduced.

  • Winner: wolfman!!! it’s clear the wolfman is still in Kiff’s head!!! his attempts to alienate the press is going to blow up in his face JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!!!

    Kiff, you cannot escape the Claw of the WOLF!!!!!

    Loser: Nubs!! the long awaited autopsy report on Lil’ Porky proves not only that the Farmer is owed his money back, but raises the question of why Lil’ Porky’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit for swine??

    • Joe Blow

      Hahahahaha Bucket. You THOUGHT your wife was dead! That fake autopsy WORKED!!! Hahahahaha
      Of course her blood level was 3 times the legal limit and she was passed out…..she though she was being made to service you again. Poor Lil Piggy.

    • TrojanFan

      Do you still possess a driver’s license?

  • john wolcott

    If the report about “Salute” is accurate, small crowd and no Kiffin applause, then it just confirms what I have been feeling from Trojan fans, at least on this blog– that there is not much hope or enthusiasm for this season.

    • gotroy22

      Just talked to a major donor yesterday and they said this is the first time ever they had no hopes for the season.

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    Richard Kiffin Nixon is going to be a pleasure to watch unravel this year.