Expect A Faster USC Defense

The biggest difference for USC this season defensively is probably not the 5-2 formation, which is basically a 3-4. But Clancy Pendergast’s system requires a lot less thinking and more playing, which means players will not be worried as much as last year about doing the right thing.

It means players like Devon Kennard and Morgan Breslin can do things that come natural to them and not worry about 10 things before the snap. That alone should lead to more instinctive plays.

UPDATED: And another reason it will be faster is because defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast will send in signals quicker than Monte Kiffin.

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  • Chad Parker

    Who hired Clancy Pendergast?

    • Golden Trojan

      Some head coach that everybody seems to think is an idiot cause he is not a media darling and is coaching under restrictions that would have crushed any other program.

      • marvgoux1

        Like the sanctions that crushed Ohio State? Oops.

        • MichiganTrojan

          Boom! Goux swats down the sunshine pumpers once again! Bing, bang, blamo! If Kiffin were smart he would have grabbed that trusty laminated sheet of his, headed east to Columbus, and taken notes on how to get USC into the weak-*ss Big 10 confernce, figured out how to defeat the mighty Cal Golden Bears by a touchdown at home, and reduce the scholarship loss from 30 to 6 by proving that 6 players breaking rules is not as bad as one player’s parents 120 miles from campus. Boo ya ca-cha Sunny Ders!


          Marv Scott Goux!

      • USConqueror1

        “cause” of what? how are you using the word “cause” there. Me no understando.

    • USConqueror1

      The name is Lane “F*çken” Kiffin, thats who!! CP is is one of the top two DC’s in the NCAA. Deal.

  • Golden Trojan

    Defense will keep them in games they would have lost last year, win some games outright, and most important for Wolf, help cover the spread.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Wolf is all about covering the spread……..oh, and feelings…please don’t hurt the players feelings…..let them all play and give them each a participation ribbon…..and orange slices at halftime……

  • rusoviet

    Unlike Monte Kiffin – Prendergast is not up in the booth. That in itself tells you that the kids grasp the system he’s given them and knows he can be far more help on the sideline interacting with them instead of speaking into a microphone from some 150 feet away – Lane Kiffin pleaded with his father in the OR game “Can’t you stop this?” as they constantly countered a USC score with one of their own scores – good riddance to Monte Kiffin.

  • steveg

    I have to predict, the USC defense is going to turn the entire program around. Finally we are going to see use of all the blazing speed they have recruited, most offenses are going to be stopped dead. Yes, 2013 is going to be a year everyone will remember as the year the juggernaut started.

    • Bill

      Dude, the Fantasyland look around the campus is really deluding you!

  • CheattheSystem

    5-2 is basically a 3-4??? Really???

    • USConqueror1

      It pretty much is. Ask Georgia. But thta’s missing the point. The point is that we are gonna f*#k teams up this year with our killa D!! I wouldnt doubt that someone is gonna come out of one of our games not being able to walk permanently!! Fight ON!!! Were going all the way this year!!!!!

      • https://www.facebook.com/charles.bucket.3 Charlie Bucket

        what kind of thing is that to say?

        truly STUPID. this one goes into the FILE.

      • ThaiMex

        Just like LAST YEAR.
        “Blow me and call me Louie”
        fit on Though!

      • CheattheSystem

        did that look like a 3-4 last night? the 5-2 that Coach P is using is a new animal. We were playing a 2-4-5 most of the night. Monte would never have done that. It was a great way to hide the absence of Breslin. Nice to see guys coming off the edge with their ears pinned back. The D held a decent, not good, definitely not great, offense to very few big plays and we got off the field on 3rd down–something we could NOT do last season.

        Odd and random observation: USC plays two of the most inventive Offensive minds in the game the first two games this season.

        Fight On!

        • USConqueror1

          Are u spewing??

  • George Martin

    It’ll be faster because it’s a better scheme. Period. End of story.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Teddy Pendergast … fast burnt toast D. Get ready to watch some easy touchdowns by the opponents. Teddy has had about 5 jobs in the last 6 years. There is a reason for that.
    This D will be burnt toast

    • USConqueror1

      You have no idea what just came out of your mouth.

  • B.Miller

    Well Monte Kiffin was 72 years old.. He probably processed everything slower..

    QUESTION: Would Clancy Pendergast make a good Head Coach?

  • B.Miller

    DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS! Just need the offense to protect the ball and game manage.