USC Names Team Captains

Wide receiver Marqise Lee; center Marcus Martin; linebacker Hayes Pullard and linebacker Devon Kennard were named team captains by the players. For the first time since 2009 a quarterback was not named a captain.

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  • Helen

    Logical choices, except I would have Silas Redd ahead of Marcus Martin. A returning 1K RB over an OL who lost his job in 2012.

    • john k

      Martin has become probably one of the nations top centers… and silas has been overshadowed by madden and justin davis….

      also silas didnt go for over 1000 last year… get your fact rights Helen

      • Helen

        Leaders have a history of success to draw upon. Martin hasn’t taken a single snap at center so don’t call him “nation’s top center” until he proves himself. Redd hasn’t been overshadowed by Madden and Davis, he has been injured. “1K RB” is an adjective to describe someone capable of running for 1,000 yards; no he didn’t quite get there in 2012 due to injuries, but he is a 1K RB.

        • Joe Blow

          Redd was overshadowed by Madden? He was out all year. Sweetie, get back to servicing the Cadre.

        • Bill

          In a 13 game season, even an average RB can rush for 1000 yards. If he was so great, the talk would be 2000.

          • TrojanFan

            Bill, can I get extra bacon on my breakfast platter?

        • TrojanFan

          That Dementia is some nasty stuff, you’re all confused.

          Take a few weeks off, we all need a break!

    • Tom Oday

      WTF? You know more than the entire team about who should be a captain? I’m guessing the players voted for the guys that (they felt) earned the honor. A leader of stats doesn’t make you a leader.

    • TrojanFan

      Focus on servicing the cadre, please!

  • Is there some sort of surprise that a QB wasn’t selected? No reason to even mention that tidbit, just more trolling

  • USConqueror1

    Lane, if youre reading this Fight ON!! We got this. People have no idea whats about to hit them this season…its called the Trojans!

    • Bill

      Must be referring to the East Valley Pop Warner team! I hope he has a decent season so they will keep him on after this year! Keep On Kiffin On!!

      • TrojanFan

        Bill, can you get extra eggs with the new breakfast platter.

  • Joe Blow

    For the first time in its history, the Cadre selected two Captains, one woman, one man. Congratulations to:
    Miss Piggy & Porky Pig
    aka, The Buckets

    • TrojanFan

      OINK OINK OINK!!!!

  • B.Miller

    ALL WELL DESERVED! Where is Dion Bailey?

  • CardinalnGold

    Would’ve been great if the team would’ve selected one of the QBs as a captain & forced Kiffin’s hand a little.