Does It Matter If You Play 2 Quarterbacks Against Hawaii?

How much easier is it for Lane Kiffin to use two quarterbacks when the opponent is 22.5-point underdog Hawaii? Would he do it if USC were playing Alabama in a Kickoff Classic-type game?

And can you imagine Nick Saban going into the season opener saying he isn’t really sure how he will use the two quarterbacks in the game?

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Gosh no, Wolf……I could not imagine Nick Saban ever doing such a thing….. but I can certainly imagine you milking this thing all season long…’s all about comparative analysis with you, isn’t it?…. What is Saban doing?… What was Carroll doing? What is Oregon / Chip Kelly doing?…..what is Jim Mora doing?……WHO CARES???!!!!

  • TrojanFamily

    It’s clear that Kiffin is doing this to keep Chow from being able to easily game plan this game. For better or worse, Kiffin is secretive and prone to gamesmanship to get an edge.

    Wolf hates this, because that means he has to work to get the story. But he loves it, because it means he can troll the coach and take what Kiffin says literally, rather than as a ploy. That sure beats having to actually get the story, doesn’t it?

    • Bill

      Everyone knows the game plan already. Bubble screen to the left, overthrow. Bubble screen to the left, bounce pass. Run in the middle for two yards. Punt!

  • Can you imagine what Jim Murray would say about Wolf if he were alive today?

    I can’t, since he probably wouldn’t waste his time to even know who he is.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      How about Allan Malamud?…. He left us at 54 years of age…. way too young……

      • trojan4life

        I miss that guy. Simmers is the complete opposite.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          I agree…. Mud was the man…..Wolf?…well, need I really state the obvious?…..

  • TrojanLights

    Nick Saban actually did used 2 QBs equally in their 1st game in 2010. A National Championship year.

    • Facts will never get in the way of a Wolf post

    • Ben Factor

      That’s great that you had that information about NIck Saban, or acquired it. Do you know: did Saban choose his starter after the first game?

      Scott implies that Kiffin has the luxury to be wishy washy and experiment, because the opponent is pretty weak. Well, yes, but that shouldn’t count against Kiffin. It’s not weak foolish to be flexible, and to tailor decisions to the circumstances at hand.

      Only a week ago, Scott was empathizing with Kiffin’s tough decision, because the QBs had played so even. Since Scott attended Kiffin’s post-practice media sessions, I gather he watched the practices. So he KNEW that the QBs were playing even.

      This week, Scott thinks Kiffin is a deficient aberration, for thinking that maybe game play would help him to make the correct decision.

      Very odd, Scott.

      • TrojanLights

        Saban went with 1 QB primarily the balance of the season. However McCarron the 2nd guy played in all but 2 of their games that year.

  • Bill

    To get an edge against Hawaii? For as great as SuC is some of your eyes, you would think that Kitten would fax the Denny’s menu to Chow and say try to beat us!

  • Ron Fleishman

    Two years ago Saban did not name a starter for game 1

    • Stu Azole

      LOL, were his two choices a guy who’s never played and a guy who’s played, but really, really badly?

  • Ron Fleishman

    Wolf’s main objective is to find something to always criticize Kiffin about. There are many topics to which Kiffin leaves himself open for many a critic. I am one who is not a fan and have many issues with the way he handles the program. The issue with Wolf is that he starts from a position of negative looking for something to criticize.

    • Stu Azole

      look, dummy, Wolf’s job here is to drive web traffic. #Winning

      • Trojan Hoarse

        And you’re here to drive the clown car, you clown……. #Losing

  • Golden Trojan

    Read the LA Times for a real article including historical perspective and quotes from other coaches. Mike Riley who was Offensive Coord. with Robinson used 2 QBs and Riley with start this season using 2 QBs. Of course it’s only indecisive if Kiffin does it.

  • B.Miller

    You do realize that Saban has used two QB’s before.. Wolf do your research before you post, it will help you not look as bad as you sound..