Forward Ari Stewart Academically Ineligible

Senior forward Ari Stewart did not pass enough units last year and will be academically ineligible this season. Stewart is only ineligible for the fall semester but he will not be a member of the team this season according to Coach Andy Enfield. Stewart will remain in school and try to graduate, Enfield said.
Stewart averaged 3.4 points and played 18 games last season. His departure does not open up a scholarship for next season because USC gave it to point guard Pe’Shon Howard, who became eligible Monday.

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  • ThaiMex

    Oh My GAAAAAWD (OMG)! I can’t believe it. First, the knuckle draggin Woman Punchin’ 7 footer gets shown the EXIT DOOR, now this? Let’s take advantage of this “op” and see if we can go WINLESS in conference and surpass the 1-23 record of the basketball team two years ago (you see where I’m goin’ w/ this one don’t you?). The payoff is….we get to hang another Banner way up high, next to the drapes/curtains celebrating that we are LIMBO U!!!!!!!
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      leave some for the Rainbow Warriors, would ya??

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        • Trojan Hoarse

          Because, like rust, a troll never sleeps…..Hey, hey… my, my…….

      • TrojanFamily

        The eunuch and his multiple logins.

  • john wolcott

    O.K., so the SC basketball team is not the strongest element at the University of Southern California. But still, this new coach gives the team a chance to become nationally recognized over the coming years

    The jury is out, and we shall see.