Advantage Max Wittek

Lots of factors obviously go into evaluating this game but I give Max Wittek the slight edge at quarterback simply because his ball is lively and put more pressure on defense tonight.

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  • Jj Griffiths

    i would agree (man, thats twice…geez). i think him taking snaps under center gives the offense a TINY bit more help.

  • are you sure, wolfman??
    Kessler threw the only successful downfield pass (for a TD)…Witteck only put up 3 pts before that last garbage time TD and he completed hardly any passes in that drive!! (OK marquis dropped a sure thochdown)
    the sails really went FLOP tonight!!!

  • FreeShabazz

    At least we know now that kiffin was lying when he said the indecision on QB was bc they were both so good.

  • steveg

    I do not agree. The passes Cody threw downfield had zip and were catchable, the td pass was perfect. His mobility is better than Wittek. Scott favors Wittek and it shows. I don’t. The only problem with the offense was the LACK of leadership from the coach. It is SO obvious LK needs to give up the play calling. It will be his demise.

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    Kiffin could make John Elway look bad … these qb’s have no chance in that stale dumb offense