Halftime Thoughts

Maybe Lane Kiffin should fire himself as playcaller since he says he only cares about what is best for the team. If Clancy Pendergast’s defense did not intercept three passes, where would the Trojans be? The offense did not sustain any long drives and Kiffin stubbornly kept Cody Kessler in the game (sort of like Max Wittek in the Sun Bowl).
You can say it’s early but it is also Hawaii. And the playcalling makes the Sun Bowl seem like . . . yesterday.

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  • Independent_George

    The offense is atrotious. Kessler looks like the second coming of Aaron Corp. Kiffin doesn’t throw down field so the Defense cheats. The o line looks confused. The worst part of the USC team is the offense: specifically the play calling the play calling. KIffin should fire himself.

    The defense is nails, though.

  • Daniel-Julian De La Torre

    Spot on…this is an embarrassment. And do we have a fullback?

  • Chad Parker

    Wolfie, it’s called a TEAM. The defense picks up the offense in the SEC and people drool. You are a moron if you think we are winning any games with offense. Conservative play calling in week 1, on the road, in a time zone no one knows, with a rookie QB and running back. Yeah, let’s listen to a hack reporter with an agenda. Pathetic Wolfie, truly pathetic.