Blame Scholarship Reductions

Lane Kiffin said USC suited up 55 scholarship players for the game last night. Get used to hearing this type of talk. Scholarship reductions will always be mentioned whenever USC plays poorly this season.

They don’t cause a wide receiver to drop a pass, a left tackle to miss a block, a right tackle to get beat for a safety or a poor play call. USC has about 70 players on scholarship. And LSU played last season with roughly the same amount. Just one game into the season, against Hawaii no less, and we already are hearing about it.

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  • bad team, man. bad F-iing team!!

    even more astonishing than the poor Southern Cal offense is the sheer number of excuses we’ve heard!!!
    no, it WASN’T the weather, the time zone, the youth of the players, the reduced schollies, being so far from home, and it wasn’t a moral victory becuase the Defense looked so good.

    as i said the other day, the Cadre, the wolfman and the LAT had it RIGHT!! this is no top 25 team!!!

    • TrojanFan

      2-12, 50-0, no conference titles and three straight blow outs to end the season, bad team, man. bad F-iing team!!

      Does deflecting the truth help with your self esteem, you sure need it.

      What exactly is making all tingly, could it be the thought of this 8===D<

      Dementia has consumed you, you're in denial!

      • Joe Blow

        TF, when you have a crappy job, live in the IE, drive a beat up old car, your highest degree in education is a GED and you’re married to a pig, blogging the same stuff is all the guy has to do. I actually feel sorry for $hit Bucket.

        • steveg

          Hey, lighten up on the IE, they have some really nice trailer parks there now.

        • rusoviet

          Any news on your job search since Garrett got sacked?

  • CheattheSystem

    Last night exposed our quarterbacks…one makes poor throws, the other has no touch. It doesn’t really matter who starts if we aren’t going to try to get first downs before we try to get touchdowns…

    Dear Lane Kiffin:
    Run the ball. Run the ball. McKay once said, “It doesn’t weigh that much.” Tre Madden looked like a beast. A RB can’t get into a rhythm with only 10-12 carries. What will happen when Silas comes back?

    Curious to see what D looks like with both Breslin and Kennard…and Washington…that is a good DL…here’s hoping D can keep healthy all season.


    • marvgoux1

      I noticed that too. In the 3rd quarter we started to drive by running the ball to the outside and then for some reason went away from it.

      • steveg

        Profound leadership and coaching ability.

    • Cheap seats

      Kessler looked like a freshman playing his first college game. I hope he settles down and makes his reads like I’ve seen him during scrimmages. The receivers were also at fault by not recognizing some of the blitzes.

      Right now, Kiffin is simply calling the same plays as if Barkley were back there. Terrible formula. We don’t even have Woods who was our best WR at reading the blitz and adjusting his route accordingly.

      I would be quick to say Kiffin doesn’t have patience with the run game, but if you looked at his gameplans with the Raiders and Tennessee, he actually did stick with it.

      His first year with the Raiders he managed to have a 3-headed monster of Fargas, Bush, and McFadden where even 3rd and 5 was a running down. Now I’m wondering if that was more his OC with Gregg Knapp emphasizing the run??

  • ThaiMex

    Chucker….I’m still laughing…Carroll was known as “Walking Eagle”!!!!!! One of your finest moments EVER!
    fit UN torgan!

  • LamontRaymond

    Let’s never forget to include Denise & Lamaar Griffen in this discussion – it is they whole lived large in San Diego for about a year, devastating our program for the next 6 or 7 years. Hope they enjoyed it! You, too, Reggie! Coudn’t wait 10 months before the draft to get started? Just a reminder why was are down scholarships.

    • gotroy22

      Scott should go down to San Diego and interview them and ask them if they feel any guilt over what they did to USC.

  • ThaiMex

    You know what they say…excuses are for A@@holes! OOPS, I forgot we were talking about Kiffin.
    fit UN torgan!

    • TrojanFan

      3:00 am, trolling the blog and talking shlt, beyond pathetic!

      This blog this so deep-rooted in your cranium you can’t at night!….TOTAL OBSESSION!

      Dementia, plus insomnia, you’re a fucing mess!

      You truly have some mental issues!

      • steveg

        All he wants is your guys attention. Ignore the stupid little troll.

    • Joe Blow

      You should know.

  • Al

    Gee, I seem to remember Lane Kiffin saying when he first got hired as head coach that the scholarship reductions didn’t matter because the NFL payed with only 53 players and USC can too.

  • Daniel Bitzer

    Such a poor excuse about the scholarship reduction as the cause for last season or this season to come. Pete Carroll had it set up that you compete everyday in practice and nobodies job is secure. The talent is so great at USC that the next player could step in without a hitch. Last season we had Barkley who was seasoned and this year we have basically two raw QB’s….. It really doesn’t matter because the problem with USC’s offense and why they are just terrible last year and will be this year is for the ONE BIG reason USC went 7-6 last season and with an easy schedule this season will still end up realistically with at least 4 to 5 loses is due to the already criticized LANE KIFFEN PLAY CALLING….. IT IS PLAIN OUT TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! When he said he planed to continue the play calling I knew USC was going to be in trouble for a lack of the true word I would have like to used. Pat Hayden really made a HORRIBLE DECISION to keep Kiffen around and blame the infractions as the cause. EVERYONE from the press to the fans, and alumni have made it crystal clear he is bringing this program down. Kiffen reminds me of Paul Hackett at USC whom I feel was one of the worst head coaches ever to head coach at USC. Now I am confused which is worse? The ONLY thing that Hayden can do to make some kind of mends is to fire Lane Kiffen once he gets his 4th lose of the season which unfortunately as a USC fan I have to admit that this is going to happen…. A program like USC deserves to have a top notch head coach and Lane Kiffen is more suitable for a High School Head Coaching position.

    • Joe Blow

      The other big mistake is HADEN.

  • Joe Blow

    What’s the LA Daily News’ excuse for poor writers?

  • SaferInWestwood

    Hahaha we SUC because we don’t have enough scholarships to hand out BULL$#!T*sneeze*

    …It’s routine for me – CJMora

  • B.Miller

    Not sure I I heard an excuse.. He just told the media how many players they brought.. HE never mentioned that was the reason they played poorly