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    Why can’t I vote for Browne?

  • Dennis Hogan

    Ditto. Or Anthony Neyer or Chris Willson.

  • ThaiMex

    How’bout Jesse Scroggins! Couldn’t possibly be any worse than either of the other two.

    fit UN!

    • realtrojan

      He’s no longer with the team. How about you take up the quarterbacking role? lol.

      • ThaiMex

        realtorgan….you are one El sharpo hombre’….a real finger on the pulse kind of guy! A man amongst men. I don’t understand how we’ve NEVER been formally introduced. You come here often?… (or did you just fall off a truck?) What do you mean, Scroggins is no longer with the team? He and James Boyd were top rated q.b.’s signed by SUCks. Those two along with Dillon Baxter, and Markeith (and Seantrell Henderson) were supposed to bring home ALL THE BACON! Now you’re telling me it ain’t so? (next, you’ll be telling me Nubsie doesn’t work at the FARMER JOHN slaughter house in Vernon).

        At least we torgans covered the spread against the lowly rated RAINBOWS and are still ranked preseason#1, right?

        Thanks for your astute observation….like the guy used to say on T.V……”Y’all come back now, hear”
        fit UN torgans!

        • realtrojan

          You’re not too bright, are you? lol. I’m sure you’ve squeezed your mosquito brain REAL hard to bark what you did. lmao!!!

  • realtrojan

    If none of these guys really stand out, why not give Max Browne a chance? He might surprise us and keep the job for good.