USC-Hawaii Report Card

Here are the grades for the first game of the season:

RESULT: No. 24 USC 30, Hawaii 13




Is it too late to throw Max Browne back into quarterback derby?



Tre Madden and Justin Davis did nothing wrong. Unlike rest of offense.



That was no way for Marqise Lee to kick off a Heisman campaign.




Did they look anything like the improved group Lane Kiffin projected?



Six sacks demonstarted which group lived up to expectations.



Hard to believe captain Hayes Pullard made just one tackle.



Not a great sign when starters Anthony Brown/Kevon Seymour are injured.



Kicker Andre Heidari is back and punter Kris Albarado survived debut.



Offense look completely unprepared. Quick, blame scholarship reductions!


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  • ted

    southern cal headline in the not to distant future…

    Lane Kiffin out as head coach, Pendergast to be interim head coach!

  • Don Livingston

    Hhhmmm… I’d grade the secondary a little higher. Our safeties can actually play pass defense. The running backs deserve a little higher grade. Everything else is about right. The line may deserve an F.

    • Ben Factor

      plus one on the RBs

  • Cloud Shaman

    If you have a sucky offensive line and dont have a quarterback that can run. Your screwed. That is the problem. We need to add hurry up offense and let Cody run it to keep the D honest.

    • gotroy22

      Good ideas!

  • LamontRaymond

    I’d give the receivers an “F” – the entire complexion of that game would have been different without those three “gimmie” drops.

    • Independent_George

      Hard to get a rhythm with QB changes.

      • Ben Factor

        That’s something I was wondering about, Ind. George. I would think that continuity affects if and how the WR changes the pass route based on reads, and being in sync with the QB on how and where the pass will be targeted.

        But once the ball is catchable, how important is continuity to whether it is caught? That’s not as clear to me. Certainly, Wittek throws with more velocity, which could affect route timing, and the act of catching. But does typically lead to drops?

  • Independent_George

    The coaching grade is unfair. It is clear that there are two seperate teams wearing the same uniforms: the offense and the defense.

    The defensive gets a B. The look prepared, excited and aggressive.

    The offense gets a D+. Despite Lane’s philopsphy of lean o-linemen who get overpowered at the LOS, we ran for almost 200 yards, so give Summers and Robinson at least a C. They made the best thy could within the “system Lane set up.

    But the play calling was just as bad as at the Sun Bowl. Lane Kiffin gets an F. Fail. Epic fail. Fire the arrogant lowlife right now.

  • rusoviet

    Obvious the gain having fired Monte Kiffin – Kiffin is still dealing with recruitment limits. Silas Redd has competition from Davis and that’s good – only wish Marquis Lee did as well. The ‘O’ line is awful – no blocking – no holes for running backs to go up the middle.

    All should be grateful the opponent was HI as well as the next four regardless of the lightening in a bottle that UT St. showed two years ago. If USC loses any of those then yes there is a real problem prior to the AZ St. game.

    BTW before all the naysayers continue check out the prowess shown by the other national power houses AT HOME today – OH St., Notre Dame, OR St. (in progress), FL – this program is in recovery and Monte Kiffin did USC no favor with his three year stint that and Pete Carroll’s indifference his last three years both in recruitment and coaching.

  • steveg

    Kessler can throw very well downfield as he demonstrated. Problems on timing on the short inside routes. Kessler can run, which I am sure Kiffen will take advantage of when needed. Even thinking about Brown now is utterly ridiculus.

    I would give Kiffen a d-, the other offensive coaches c-, defensive coaches A and B’s.

    Unbiased reporting by Scott Wolf: D-.

  • TrojanConquest

    Kessler actually looked good the last 2 drives of the first half. His TD pass to Agolar was great, and he had a good last minute drive to get a FG.