Lane Kiffin Does Not Know QB Status (Again)

USC coach Lane Kiffin said after tonight’s game he does not know if he will play both quarterbacks or who will start next week.
“Obviously, it’s a big question,” Kiffin said.
I’m not sure he could do anything but play both again next week especially after Max Wittek did well enough to warrant another chance.

Discuss The Game

Did you ever think the performance would be this underwhelming? Seriously? It was Hawaii after all. The defense did fine, as expected. But what was the deal with the offense? This is Lane Kiffin’s area of expertise. Maybe that explains everything.
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Advantage Max Wittek

Lots of factors obviously go into evaluating this game but I give Max Wittek the slight edge at quarterback simply because his ball is lively and put more pressure on defense tonight.

Hawaii v. USC

Hawaii is experience the same problems as USC tonight: Poor offensive line. Inconsistent quarterback and wide receiver play. But they have an excuse: They are Hawaii.

Where’s Marqise Lee?

The Heisman Trophy candidate has three catches for 27 yards. Lane Kiffin is doing a much better job taking him out of the game then Hawaii. Lee might have been right when he said he would catch less passes this season.