Halftime Thoughts

Maybe Lane Kiffin should fire himself as playcaller since he says he only cares about what is best for the team. If Clancy Pendergast’s defense did not intercept three passes, where would the Trojans be? The offense did not sustain any long drives and Kiffin stubbornly kept Cody Kessler in the game (sort of like Max Wittek in the Sun Bowl).
You can say it’s early but it is also Hawaii. And the playcalling makes the Sun Bowl seem like . . . yesterday.

USC 10, Hawaii 5

This is really slow start to a game but at least Cody Kessler threw his first TD pass. After his first interception. But at least we are learning something new Lane Kiffin can’t do: Rotate QBs.
Does anyone imagine what would happen tonight if USC played Stanford or Oregon. Heck, maybe even Cal.

Hawaii 5, USC 3

Blame scholarship reductions! Blame injuries! Blame anything! Hawaii is not going to win this game (I think) but Norm Chow’s getting a nice bump out of this first 20 minutes.

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USC 3, Hawaii 2

Lane Kiffin finally decides not to be conservative with Cody Kessler by throwing out of the end zone with disastrous results. Doh! USC’s offensive line needs help.

New Defense From Clancy Pendergast

If casual fans needed a change, they got it with an attacking, blitzing defense that was much different than former defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin’s softer coverages. Of course, blitzing against Hawaii is easy. When USC plays better teams it could be another story.

USC 3, Hawaii 0

Lane Kiffin didn’t go for it on fourth down? Hmmm, weird. Instead Andre Heidari makes 20-yard FG. Cody Kessler’s been competent, especially for first start but it’s obvious USC is not playing quality team.