Ronnie Lott Takes A Fall But Gets Right Up

Maybe the Pac-12 Network should use this as its pitch to drop DirecTV. Analyst Ronnie Lott’s tumble off the set was certainly more exciting than watching conference teams win blow outs (Arizona, UCLA) or tumble themselves (Oregon State).
UPDATED: The Pac-12 Network posted the video here.

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  • Scotty forgot to add a Kiffin cheap shot to the post. Slippin’ yo

  • TrojanFan

    Does anyone have the video of Kiffin bitch slapping the wolfman?


    that’s FUNNY!!! i see Ricky NewHassle practicaly laughed his a$$ off!!

    by the Way, Ronnie was RIPPING the trOXans on the telecast, talking about how Southern Cal has no leadership and no one was rallying the players to play with pride!!!

    in fact, he was so venomous, i questioned if he had been drinking!!! i didn’t see this clip, so it must have been edited out!! despite the fact Ronnie was feelin’ groovy, it does NOT mean he was not talking the TRUTH…”en vino veritas”

    Oh, CHUCER-BUCKER, you done it AGAIN!!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Hey waste bucket, wasn’t it hilarious last season when a ruin football player crashed his scooter in the school parking lot. The idiot had no helmet and his cranium looked like a smashed tomato


  • john wolcott

    That looks like a serious fall Lott took, one that could have been injury-producing, yet everybody is laughing their heads off. Oh, well.

    The Trojans are easy targets these days, receiving more vitriolic criticism from their own “fans” than anything bruins can serve up.

    SC under Carroll had a run for the ages, and, now we have had some dog years. But the Trojans will be back, guaranteed.

    • betomas

      Would you rather that fans idly and approvingly sit by or should fans call it as they see it in the hopes of changes happening?

      • TrojanFan

        Keep barking, changes will happen ….hahaha!!

        Hey, shitter #3 could use your skills. I think it’s bucket’s favorite throne

    Thanks for the Link, wolfman!!!!
    that clip gets funnier and FUNNIERER!!!!
    AND it is the perfect metaphor for the state of Southern Cal athletics!!! the great Ronnie Lott on his knees, crawling around all stunned and confused!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Here is something SUGARY SWEEEEEET!!!


      smile when the flavor changes!