• john wolcott

    Got to be a fool to take this bet.

    SC has two unproven QBs.


    • Trojan Hoarse

      Unproven QBs AND unproven/injured CBs……it will be interesting to see how the secondary holds up to 50-60 passes thrown their way…..Kennard and Breslin had better practice backpedaling and dropping into coverage this week…..

    • BEATND

      The Cougs are on the prowl. The Air Raid was on full display. Auburn needed the refs to serve up some major home cooking and 3 pics to hold on too this one. Can the Trojans hang 50 and hold them to 35? I am taking the points.

  • Golden Trojan

    SC by seven if the offense improves this will be a fight to the end. Take the under.

  • Bill

    The Toejams are 0-19 against the spread on weeks that at least one player changes their number….

  • Capt Charles R

    Very concerned about this game after watching the Coug’s game with Aubun and with Kiffin’s poor coaching. The QB issue should have been settled by now. My take, USC just might go down this weekend. Then what does Pat Haden do? I will give Kiffin a small break. With the injuries, and the NCAA scholarships shortage designed to crush the team, he does have a tough job (regardless of what Wolf says). However, USC is going to need luck this weekend to win this one.