LOL great video Wolf! Maybe don’t cover the microphone next time!

  • LamontRaymond

    Can’t hear squat.

  • NotAFanOfYou

    You truly suck at everything you do Wolf Putz. This blog couldn’t be more unprofessional.

    • SpiketheBruin

      Your response is an example of the what ails this blog site: the childish and unprofessional toejam fan POV.

  • CT Trojan

    This sucks.

  • what’s important in the MOOD and framing, the lighting…..this video tells a STORY even without words!!
    wolfman, you have MASTERED YET ANOTHER media art form: docu-video!!

    • TrojanFan

      You stupid idiot!….. Put your glasses back on, you’re confusing a Jenna Jameson video with a wolfman video!

      I know, blame it on the Dementia!