Ty Isaac Update

Freshman tailback Ty Isaac got a carry at the end of the Hawaii game, which means he cannot redshirt unless he gets hurt in the first four games. But Isaac also played earlier in the game on special teams.

Speaking of special teams, it is still hard to believe Silas Redd hurt his knee while playing special teams in a spring practice.

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  • Helen

    It’s likely Kiffin believes Redd and Morgan might not play this year (or very little) and that he needs Isaac along the line. The kids better grow up fast if that is true.

    • TrojanFan

      Helen, are you a “true” redhead?

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Dude….. please don’t tell me that you think Helen of Troy is HOT?…..never drink and blog….you’ve seen what it does to the “cadre”…….but for the record, I suspect that the carpet matches the drapes….

        • TrojanFan


  • Rigged4fun

    Kiffin burned Amir Carlisle and didn’t think twice why should he with Isaac. At least Isaac has had some impact on the team. So you go with what works.

  • Lajollaboy

    I think Helen might be right and that the injuries to Morgan and Redd are worse than we thought. Lets give Isaac some playing time in the backfield Saturday too.

  • Magic Beauty

    Wolf, its not an “Update” when you flat out were wrong about burning the redshirt all week. Shouldnt this read “retraction”? If you had paid any attention to the game you would have noticed Isaac playing special teams the whole game. But of course, you only see what you want, that Kiffin wasted a redshirt on one play.

    Even better, now that you have to fess up about being wrong about Isaac, you try and deflect that by blaming Redd’s knee injury on playing Special Teams in Spring. Classic Wolfie.

    • Stu Azole

      sorry, I must have missed it – how was Wolfie wrong about burning his redshirt this year?

      • sureshot32

        Scooter blamed the burned redshirt on the carry when the redshirt was burned far earlier on the special teams play.

        Scott’s always in such a hurry to crucify (Lane, Pete, Paul, fill in whoever is coaching at the time) the head coach that he forgets about the facts.

        • Stu Azole

          RS was burned – not sure it matters on which play. People forget this is just wolfie’s blog. You should be happy he post as often as he does.

  • timtrojan

    Scotty gets buckets dung all over his face

    • Trojan Hoarse

      It’s called a facial…….

    • TrojanFan

      …..and he enjoys it….ouch!!

  • Independent_George

    Not that I am Vince Lombardi, but jeez Wolf, you know little to nothing about football. And you are employed as a football beat reporter. No wonder the average journalist is held with the same esteem as a meth cook.

    But why shouldn’t Redd play special teams? He isn’t that big or fast and he doesn’t catch that well out of the backfield, so why shouldn’t he learn to play special teams? It is probably the only way he makes an NFL squad, as a reserve RB and special teams player.

    Also, it was the policy under PC not to redshirt OOS recruits. It serves two purposes: tells them they can see the field immediately, and it helps keep them from getting home sick and transferring, and even that is not always enough (see Broderick Green). Plus, you redshirt linemen and linebackers. If skill players have skillz, you play them as soon as possible, special teams or not. And if your skill position OOS recruit doesn’t yet have the skillz to comepte for playing time right out of the gate, you are not doing a very good job recruiting.

    • Ben Factor

      All good points.

      In particular, Isaac is in the same recruiting class as fellow RB Davis. If Scott recalls, Isaac was a very sought-after 5-star. To redshirt Isaac and play Davis from game one is not going to make Isaac excited about his decision to come to USC. Unlike Davis, Isaac didn’t enroll early. As Isaac gets totally comfortable with the offense, he will ideally play some RB as well.

      In addition, the sanctions require greater cross-use and cross-training of all personnel.

      • Golden Trojan

        Good points George and Ben. With limited scholies you only redshirt guys with INJURIES. Every guy with speed and skill needs to be on the sideline ready to play in any role that is needed and ready to come in if the starter goes down. You can’t afford to redshirt a guy to give him time to learn, or wait till an upperclassman moves on. This redshirt topic and the QB are Wolf obsessions and show how little he knows or thinks about or asks questions of people in the program who do know.

        • Independent_George

          There are PLENTY of reasons to bash Kiffin from now until judgment day. Playcalling, leadership, job qualifications, aptitude, product of the nepotisitic NFL cronyism, sincerity, honesty, vision, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera . . .

          But bitching about redshirts and special teams is not. Players like Morgan, Flournoy, Redd, Bailey, and Shaw are probably going to have to contribute as a special teams players in order to make a 53 man roster. From ESPN and a writer how knows a little football:

          “Wilson left school as the Cougars’ all-time leader in receiving yards (3,207), while ranking second in school history in receptions (189) and touchdown catches (23) . . . But one area Wilson did not contribute in college was on special teams, a phase of the game that almost every NFL reserve player must embrace in order to earn a spot in the 53-man roster.”

          • TrojanFan

            Excellent point!

  • Tom Oday

    On August 30th. Wolf asked the question: “Did Ty Isaac Lose His Redshirt Year?” He implied that Isaac and Farmer both LOST their redshirt year. They did not. If Isaac plays into the fifth game it means he doesn’t use it THIS year (as Farmer did).

    • TrojanFan


      You need to brush-up on the rules regarding redshirting!

      • sureshot32

        Tom’s not necessarily wrong here, just a bit unclear as to what he’s saying. You don’t lose a redshirt year by not using it, you just don’t use it that year. Redshirt years are not reserved for freshman seasons… they can be used at any time. I remember that Fresno State redshirted David Carr during what was supposed to be his Junior season because they had a capable starter (Billy Volek) and knew that Carr had the ability to be a star. Pat Hill wanted him for two seasons instead of just one, so he made the decision to save a year of eligibility and burn the RS year in Carr’s year 3.

        As far as medical redshirts go, if you suffer a season ending injury prior to game 5 (depending on the number of games your team is scheduled to play that year) you may take a medical redshirt. If you’ve already redshirted a year, you can appeal to the NCAA for a 6th year hardship waiver, which they often grant for legitimate reasons.

        Either way, I guess it’s semantics. Is “losing” a redshirt year the same as “using” a redshirt year? You either use it at some point or, after four years, you do technically lose it as your eligibility is up.

      • Stu Azole

        You guys are all clowns. Play a single play and the RS option is lost for the year. Every player really has 5 to play 4, so Isaac could easily RS next year if he wanted. The medical RS is something completely different and is dependent upon a player suffering a season-ending injury early in the season. It’s amazing that simple rules of college football are lost on you SUCsters.

        • Tom Oday

          Thank you Azhole. That is exactly what I said regarding Farmer and Isaac.

      • Tom Oday

        Could you fill me in on where I went “wrong”?

  • USConqueror1

    Dudes lets keep the caca jokes and the pedo comments off this blog…please.

    • TrojanFan

      So much for freedom of speech!

      • USConqueror1

        just sayin. No offense meant to anybody but It gets to be a bit much.