Picture Of The Day

NIKIASUSC president Max Nikias (right), Los Angeles County supervisor Don Knabe (left) and Fabian Wesson, chair of the California Science Center Board of Directors, at today’s signing ceremony giving USC control of the Coliseum.

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  • My Cousin Vinny steals from the kids…and they hold a ceremony???

    what a disgrace. if i was the man i was 10 yrs ago, i would take a FLAME THROWER to that place!!!

    oh, i meant a PAINT ROLLER!!!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      ^ What a dork

      • TrojanFan


      • Jezro, you’re lucky i take pity on you and your new retarded sidekick.


    • TrojanFan

      Were you truly ever a man?

      Take the year off, I’m sure with your age this stuff takes a beating on you

    • Jack B

      What a disgrace is right. Your incessant posting has reduced your predictable verbal rabble to mush.

      However, the flame thrower reference was inspired, though wasted on of all characters, Cousin Vinny.

    • Tom Oday

      You should not have had the operation Honey Bucket.

  • john wolcott

    I wouldn’t buy a used car from any of these three

  • gotroy22

    Is Fabian a guy or a girl?

    • TrojanLights

      Fabian is the lady in the middle of the picture.

      • gotroy22

        Isn’t Fabian a guy’s name?

  • timtrojan

    Bucket’s picture looks so innocent and pure. It was taken long before Scotty got his hands on/in him.

    • oh great, another trOXan with awkwardly formulated gay fantasies!! you’ll fit right in here with the resident gaggle of deviants.

      but you know, most gay men these days feel empowered enough to come OUT!!
      you guys don’t have to resort to using me as an excuse to construct your gay fantasies!! go live them out!! and then share your experiences here on wolfman’s blog so we can all read about it!!

      man up!!

      • TrojanFan

        Telling someone to “man up”. pathetic!

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Just out of curiosity, I noticed that you “liked” a Cruising with Pride page on your FB account……good for you!……embrace your sexuality…..

  • WEB_Dupree

    Not visible in the photo: fat sacks of cash under the table to seal the deal.

  • timtrojan

    Bucket trolls on. The day Bucket mans up is the day the Ruins realize that they wear powder blue.