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DION.BAILEYUSC safety Dion Bailey said the Trojans are unconcerned about their place in the top 25 polls, which is a difference from last season.

“We thought about it too much last year,” Bailey said. “We’re not that team from last year. We’re focused on just winning the day this year.” Story link here

Photo/Will Lester

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  • Chad Parker

    “We’re not that team from last year”

    This is the overall theme for 2013, but every negative fan still points to 2012. No hype this year, all substance.

  • Helen

    Clearly the team wrote off the season after the first loss, realizing the national championship was no longer attainable. Leadership was needed – both from the players and coaches – and none was found. Being highly ranked is a curse… we’ve got ’em right where we want ’em at #25.

    • USConqueror1

      Oh Helen. We’re not ranked anymore (though we should be in the top 5 just on talent) Maybe you should pay your internets bill to keep up.

      • sureshot32

        Dude, we’re number 25 in the AP and 22 in the coaches poll. Perhaps your interwebs are kaputski?

        • USConqueror1

          Oh my bad. I may have been looking at an old poll Your right. Fight ON!!

          • sureshot32

            No, you were probably looking ahead to this weeks poll.

            Kiffin needs to start searching the want ads post haste.

          • USConqueror1

            Dang. Never thought of it that way but your right that we dropped off the polls with a quickness not seen before.

  • USConqueror1

    I say it’s gotta be both. you gotta be concerned about the rankings and play hard and knock some heads EVERY GAME.

  • sureshot32

    Kiffin’s biggest problem is that his sphincter is too tight. He tries his hardest not to lose games. He’s like a walking, talking prevent defense. He wants to stretch the field horizontally and force the defense to play sideline to sideline, but his fear of throwing the ball downfield makes it easy for the defense to come into the box and defend the short stuff. He called only a very small handful of “stretch” plays against Hawaii and nearly all were successful on some level. The fourth down play that Marqise dropped. The touchdown to Agholor. The two deep tosses that Lee and Agholor both dropped (the Agholor pass was woefully under-thrown, allowing the safety to come over and scare Agholor). Even though three of those plays resulted in failure due to drops, the play design worked. Receivers were open. Ironically, one of very few times he decided to take a chance, Graf flailed at the defensive end and allowed him inside position and an easy route to Kessler.

    Kiffin needs to grow a pair and throw the ball vertically, no matter who his quarterback is. If he does, this SC team, with the defense playing aggressively and stout under Clancy’s control, can win some big games this year. If he does not, it’s hasta la vista Lane!

    • sureshot32

      I think Scooter picked up on this theme after the WSU loss. Kiffin coaches not to lose. That’s the best way to guarantee a loss!

  • Stu Azole

    they obviously know they’re not at top-25 team, hence the lack of concern. Sorta like a retarded kid stressing about a prom date he knows isn’t really coming.

  • B.Miller