Pick The Score

This is a much more difficult game to pick than 10 days ago. USC struggled offensively against Hawaii. Washington State nearly beat Auburn and should not be intimidated at the Coliseum.
Pick Away.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    USC 38-WS 29

    another safety?

  • FreeShabazz

    WAZZU 26 – SUC 21

  • oneohsixseven

    WSU : 24
    USC : 41

    Fight On!

    • USConqueror1

      USC 50, Fruity Leach’s Leaches 27

      Air Raid!!! Noooott!!!! FTFO!!

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Adarius Pickett a Bruin. Another setback in pUSC’s pursuit of good defensive backs…


      i hear he’s the #2 CB in the West and was a trXOan Priority recruit!!!!

      Jack “Big Bang” Wang is AAAAAAAAAALL over this story!!!!

    • Joe Blow

      A $h!tty 3 star

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Blow, but that is the wrong answer! Quoting directly from yesterday’s article in the SJ Mercury News:

        “UCLA scored a significant recruiting victory over crosstown USC on Tuesday night when 4-star cornerback prospect Adarius Pickett opted to offer a verbal commitment to the Bruins, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

        The El Cerrito High School senior is among the most coveted stars in the class of 2014 from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is ranked No. 15 among the nation’s best cornerbacks in the 247Sports composite rankings.

        Pickett, a 5’11”, 175-pound playmaker, was a top priority for the Trojans. USC viewed him as one of its top cornerback targets after 5-star Los Angeles County athlete Adoree’ Jackson made it known that his intentions are to play receiver if he signs with USC, as reported by Blair Angulo of ESPN.”

        • TrojanFan

          You try waaaay toooo hard!

          • EncinitasBruin

            Owns is just pointing out the obvious: since Mora’s arrival, UCLA has seized the high ground in the SoCal recruiting wars. That’s not difficult to see, is it?

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            This is easy, low-lying fruit! Who has to try hard to see that UCLA is kicking pUSC’s butt in recruiting? Nice attempt at deflection though… losing Pickett’s a big hit for SC at the corner position.


          LOL this guy cant stay away from USC sites! Obsessed much?

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            There’s just so much great material to work with–the only thing I’m obsessed with is UCLA football and our continued dominance in the South Division.

          • TrojanFamily

            then why are you posting to a USC board?

          • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

            It’s interesting to read what the inferior program in LA is stuggling with–silly comments from an inept coach, sanctions woes, loss of ground in recruiting, etc. Great entertainment, actually.

          • Joe Blow

            Wrong site. Quit talking about fucla

      • SpiketheBruin

        It sounds like you’re having a bad day defending water polo U. So I think a little more aggravation won’t hurt. The Sporting News BB preview projects the Toejam BB team to finish dead last in Pac 12 conference. In short, a ZERO STAR team. Lose on Joey.

        • TrojanFamily

          Toejam? What are you, 5?

          • SpiketheBruin

            You’re so fierce. Like the Toejam BB team.

        • Joe Blow

          BB sucks. Nobody cares.

    • TrojanFan

      Wrong blog, idiot!

  • john wolcott

    100-99 SC

    What’s the point– If you hit the jackpot and guess the exact score, which is about a 1 in 1000 possibility, Wolf will probably “reward” you with a $4 dollar SC banner.

    • Violet

      And don’t try to pull the old “wait-till-halftime-to-predict-the-score” trick.

      My Bunco crew and I busted you on that one, dead to rights!

      • ThaiMex

        SCUm 24
        Wazu 38
        On your way to 5-8.
        fit UN torgan!

        • TrojanFamily

          SCUm? Wazu? You truly troll at a 3rd grade level.

          • ThaiMex

            Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post’s. If you ever feel my material is just a little bit OVER YOUR HEAD, just let me know. In the meantime, enjoy this season (5 & 8 is very real) while the majority of college football fans, everywhere, laugh at you Clowns and your stupid antics (deceptive number switching, deflated balls, insulting host cities, head coach getting punched by an assistant, NUMBER 1 to UN, and who could forget about the SANCTIONS!). You guys are #1……NUMBER 1 most embarrassing college football program!
            fit UN torgans!
            (I’m off to bed so you can have all the SPECIAL TIME you need with your ADULT FRIENDS (nubsie, T-fail, the Booger Guy, and the Phart Guy).

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            You said you were going to bed but you’re up already commenting on another thread.
            What’s the matter, couldn’t sleep because you were thinking about USC football again?

          • ThaiMex

            Jedro…You are CREEPY (a CREEPY STALKER)…have always been and still are CREEPY today.

            Any luck on checking the Heather Locklear/Charlie Bucket connection?
            fit UN Torgan stalker!

  • Tom Floyd

    USC 34
    WSU 21

  • Joe Blow

    Kiffin. $3,000,000
    Wolf $45k

    • SpiketheBruin

      Joe Blow – Will work for attention.

      • Joe Blow

        Spike the dike owls at Taco Bell

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Wazzu 28 USC 27
    And, I will be back next week and admit I was wrong if pUSC eeks out the win…unlike back-pedaling Joe Blow who still won’t own up to the fact that he predicted a Bruin loss to Nevada…

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    WSU 31 USC 28. Kiffin blames everyone under the sun but himself for the loss.

  • Stu Azole

    Low score here. 24-7 SC

  • TrojanFan

    WSU: 20

  • sc 4 sc

    USC 20
    WSU 15
    Not a safety this time, but a 2-point conversion to fuel a whole new round of Wolfie’s snide remarks of “That’s way it’s supposed to be done when you’re stubborn enough to go for 2.”

  • ted

    USC 35 to WSU 24 …southern cal scores on late touchdown to pull away.

  • USConqueror1

    Pickett can go pick tomatoes off a field for all we care.

  • jkstewart2

    WSU – 34, USC 28

    sigh…not a Kiffin believer
    will Haden pull the trigger mid season?

  • Golden Trojan

    USC 27
    Kiffin fails to cover, giving up a late TD.

  • steveg

    USC 35 Washington State 12 The defense is for real.

  • Brett M.

    USC 31 WSU 27
    It’s another ugly game with LOTS of dropped passes and turnovers. Lee has another lousy game with two dropped passes that would’ve been TDs. He and Kiffin get in to it on the sidelines. Again, it’s a V for USC but it’s UGLY!!!

  • snake plissken

    USC 41 WSU 24 Back to Back long road trips hurt WSU in this one so I pick USC to cover


    Trojans 38-10

    • Reallyously???
      (i just coined that expression!!!)

      here’s another:
      Damn, I’m GOOD

      yo soy En FUEGO!!!
      (i’m ON FIRE!!!)

  • USConqueror1

    50-24. FTFO #KOKO keep on!