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Here’s my analysis for today’s paper on USC’s offense and the desire to strike a balance between running and passing.

“Better balance does not just mean running and passing equally. It means finding the tight ends too. Kiffin needs to find a path to enable the quarterback (or quarterbacks) to thrive, or fans will focus even more on his oversized play chart.” Story link here

Photo/Will Lester

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  • wolfman, you are taking your work to a whole ‘nother LEVEL!!!

    you could fill the Mausoleum with all the Money Quotes in this article!!!

    especially LOVE how Pious Passer, after choking in Every comeback situation for FOUR YEARS, blames KIFF for the loss to Bruins!!!

    i guess he was still fuzzy from having been turned into a human tent spike by Anthony Barr!!! how is the shoulder doing, Pious??


    • Tom Oday

      Spin On Honey Bucket! You f’n hypocrit.

      • SpiketheBruin

        What a professional and well conceived argument. A Toejam graduate with an advanced enquish degree. I’m sure his parents are proud.

        • Tom Oday

          It’s not an argument…it’s a statement of fact. Sorry for the spelling though (hypocrite) it’s good to see we have a teacher’s aide aboard. Did not attend USC so your dig sounds kinda dumb.

    • WEB_Dupree

      The “Classy Cadre”, still reliving the glory of seeing a kid get injured.

      • i wan inspired by all the “concern” shown by trOXans when Anthony Barr was hurt…or did you miss those??

        the Cadre is Classy, that is well known, but if you play with fire, you gonna get your fingers burned, paly.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Fire……Bucket is a flamer alright…….

        • WEB_Dupree

          Huh? Who is “playing with fire”, and what constitutes the “fire”? Are you saying that by reveling in Barkley’s injury, you and your fellow UCLA fans are generating some bad karma for yourselves and tempting fate? That does sound unwise.

          • If you try and use logic against trolls, you’re gonna have a bad time.

          • fuax bucket….no panache.

          • WEB_Dupree

            Enough with the Spanish — this is America!

          • simon.

          • real bucket….no logic

          • WEB_Dupree

            At first I thought, “What refreshing honesty,” but then I checked your handle, it says you have posted only 72 comments ever (not just this week). You can’t be the real Bucket!

          • WEB, WEB, WEB. you disappoint me…you disappoint me greatly.

            i am very familiar with the principles of Karma, which are applicable to sports, religion and even the laws of physics.

            now, when you trOXans make light of Barr’s injury. THAT act created adverse Karma.

            I merely pointed out the PIous Passer injury as a elementary trap to lure some trOXan sympathizer to display indignation, which allowed me to remind you all that the Karma Chameleon is biting you chumps in the rear for the Barr comments.

            however myself and the Bruins are insulated from any bad Karma since we are merely elucidating the injustice that occurred.

            any questions must be submitted in writing.

          • WEB_Dupree

            First, to show who is the true gentleman here, I will graciously pass on the opportunity presented by your post to make a vulgar joke about how, if I wanted Karma to bite me in the rear, I would schedule a visit to Mitchell Brothers’.

            More importantly, how do you conceive of karma working, exactly? Are you saying that Barkley was injured as payback for a few comments not yet made about an injury to Barr that had not even happened yet? Does karma punish people for the future misdeeds of others?

            Further, if you are going to justify your own tacky behavior by pointing to the posts of others on this blog, where does it end? Will you start bragging about your wealth, bashing the Inland Empire, insisting upon your “true insider” status, and calling yourself Joe Blow?

          • i guess i did not make myself clear. i was referring to the rash of injury reports following the Barr comments.

            our record shows the Cadre is opposed to this practice but sometime to fight a pig you have to go into the mud.

            and as they say, when you wrestle a pig in the mud, you get covered in pig crap and the pig is loving it. (fill in your own Mrs. Nobs joke here)

          • WEB_Dupree

            One thing you can say about this forum — we’re all in the mud.

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          “They started it” – Charlie Bucket

    • TrojanFan

      How fucing LAME….get some new material, you say the same shlt over and over.

      You are in denial, dementia is in control

      MAN UP!…wait, that isn’t coming to happen

    • Helen

      Take a knee Charlie – I’ve got this one.

      Scottie has written a magnificent article in which he has compiled every vendetta stab on Kiffin he has harped on for the last year and tied them up nicely into one article – brilliant. What would we have done without it one day before the start of PAC-12 play.

      • i’m picking up sarcasm.

        • Helen

          Sarcasm is a dish best served cold. Consider it signed, sealed, and delivered.

    • Cheap seats

      When is your blog going to be started?

      was the url InsideBucket taken already?

  • Evil Robot

    Dude, now you’re just straight up lying. Go back and read all of your “what happened to Robert Woods” posts that were written in early November. You spent weeks criticizing the game plan for focusing on Lee before Barkley said a word. You can’t spend your “career” nitpicking a coach and then act shocked when the coach brings it up.

    • Independent_George

      Actually, this is one the time Wolfie has a point. First, Kiffin responded like a typical child. Would anyone be surprised if he just blurted out “I know you are but what am I?”

      It is a comment you would have heard from Houston Nutt or Ron Zook, two other glorified position coaches but who were completely over their heads as head coaches. No way Pete Carroll, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, or David Shaw respond like that.

      Next, it is interesting that Wolfie’s columns are so anodyne yet his blog is aggressively trollish.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        While I would agree that Kiffin has repeatedly lost his composure, when asked leading questions (so, do you still beat your wife?), to suggest that Wolf’s columns/blog posts are “anodyne”, is a bit generous, with all due respect……for you trolls without access to a dictionary, or thesaurus,

        Definition of ANODYNE

        1: serving to alleviate pain

        2: not likely to offend or arouse tensions : innocuous

        The wording of Wolf’s posts are intentionally inflammatory and he likes it that way, so that we can be “aggressively trollish”……

        • Independent_George

          His columns are anodyne. Usually they are little more than a passive-aggressive repackaging of Dan Weber’s observations and opinions

          His blog, on the other hand . . . I no of no other writer who trolls his own blog, as Scottie often does. Wolfie clearly is in a league of his own.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Fair enough….He doesn’t have the ability or desire to make his own observations and create his own opinions, so he will cleverly plagiarise the work of others … .Scottie also likes to stir the pot and create a vortex of comments, then he trolls his own blog so that he can find something to write about….

      • Evil Robot

        Oh, I can’t stand Kiffin’s immaturity either and I think that he’s better suited as an OC than a head coach. He doesn’t have the disposition for all of the non-football stuff that a college head man has to deal with. I think the same of Norm Chow, although the reasons for each are the polar ends of the spectrum.

        That said, dealing with Wolf on a regular basis would make Ghandi short tempered. This is a guy, who still champions Mike Riley, is suspect about Pete Carroll’s coaching acumen and gave the SC DB’s a C+ after holding the Hawaii QB to a QBR of 2.7.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Robot – Wolf never let’s the facts get in the way of a good story…..His selective memory is rather amusing….besides the two inexperienced QB’s and TB’s, Wolf fails to mention having a new center and LT….minor details… the numerous batted balls at the line of scrimmage, especially with Kessler at the hem, needs to be corrected..pancake blocks anyone?……running the ball and relying on the defense is a “popular NFL strategy”?…..look no further than the SEC, mainly Alabama, to see that this is a basic formula for success… Heck, Wolf,.. even YOU yourself mentioned this in a blog post several years ago!!!!… running the ball early and often are like body blows in boxing… later in the game, the opposition will begin to wear down so we can better exploit their weaknesses….and “style points”… way to rip off my comment from earlier this week….hose bag…..Can’t wait to read your “analysis” after Saturday’s game…..

      • Cheap seats

        Good points, but arm chair fans and writers (like Wolf who thought a 5-2 consisted of 5 true linemen) think that it’s simply CALLING A PLAY as if you were playing Madden on XBox.

  • TrojanConquest

    Tough to get the TEs involved when you need to leave them in to block due to the weak OL.

  • Helen

    Interesting, I’ve never seen a reporter quote themselves with quote marks – I hope they’re not teaching that in USC journalism.

    • Helen: you are relatively new to blog so allow me to respectfully fill you in. those are what the wolfman refers to as “Money Quotes” which are witty or otherwise memorable sentences or phrases from his Newspaper articles.

      it is much appreciated when wolfman gives us a preview of the Money Quotes when he links his stories to the blog!!! it’s his way of saying “get ready, here comes a ZINGER!!!”

      you just don’t get that anywhere else, Helen.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Correction: You do get them on the restroom walls at Ripples………

      • Helen

        I will agree with you on that one – you don’t get that anywhere else.

  • B.Miller

    WOLF.. I can not argue with you on this one.. I completely agree.. we need to use the TE’s and FB much more in the pass game..

    BUT I AM NOT GOING TO READ YOUR STORY! your just too negative!

  • steveg

    Balanced play calling has the defense on their heels. Things like passing on 1st down once in a while, going deep down the middle, using the RB’s in the passing game, taking the ball deep in the backfield to let the hole develop, NOT running screens on 3rd and 10, student body left or right (running outside). The “path” is doing what the defense does not expect and executing it correctly. Kiffen has put himself into a box, and his predictability is his undoing and the teams along with him.