Will This Be A Bigger Game For Darreus Rogers?

Freshman Darreus Rogers, who is the Trojans’ No. 3 wide receiver, did not catch a pass against Hawaii. But he should get more chances tomorrow because USC will need to pass more against Washington State.

“There is a process for freshmen,” wide receivers coach Tee Martin said. “And there’s only one football.”

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    There are no 3rd receivers at USC under Kiffin, no TE’s either.

    • gotroy22

      Rogers is the Robert Woods receiver (decoy).

    • Independent_George

      No kidding! Rogers ain’t seeing any meaningful playing time until either Lee or Agholar is hurt, and then Kiffie will force the ball into quadruple coverage because Rogers is “just a freshman” and he doesn’t want to “put too much on him”, which really means “If Rogers gets too many catches what do i say to a recruit when I am say the No. 2 WR position is ‘wide open’.” Everything Kiffie does is with an eye toward recruiting, even if it means sabotaging a game plan.

  • snake plissken

    I’d be happy with Lee and Agholor getting more catches. Game 1 was not an impressive outing for the passing game. Also, if SC can run effectively why not use a ball control offense to keep the defense rested. If they go more with the passing game without success then we have a tired defense (with questionable corners) trying to keep up with a frenetic offense. If the offensive line play improves most other things will fall into place. If not it could be a difficult game and long season.

    • Independent_George

      More than the OL improving the tempo and the play calling need to improve. Hawaii was flwoing to the direct of the ball seconds before the snap. The play in the 1st Q of the UH game — 3rd and 1 — where Tre Madden was hit for a five yard loss. It looked on first glance that Tuerk missed the block, but if you look at it again, it was a misdirection and the LB was supposed to flow with Tuerk. But the LB smelled it out and broke to the line of scrimmage just before the snap.

      Makes me wonder if Walker’s infamous whiff on Barr in the UCLA game wasn’t Walker’s fault or a whiff at all. Perhaps Walker did what he was supposed to to and Barr smelled it out. Could explain why Barkley never saw Barr coming or why Kiffin NEVER discusses that play.

      Kiffin doesn’t have tendencies. He has obvious, easily predicted habits.

  • B.Miller

    Will there be a big game for the offense period..

  • USConqueror1