Washington State 10, USC 7 (Fourth Quarter)

Wow. What else to say? Oh wait, did I mention scholarship reductions?

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  • i’m starting to feel TINGLY!!!!!

    and i mean tingly ALL OVER, if you KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!!!!

  • SpiketheBruin

    What now Toejams. Who will the Goat blame this loss on. Maybe M. Lee. The Goat looked like an armadillo in Washington State’s headlights.

  • sureshot32

    No quarterback could succeed in Kiffin’s offense. What a freaking douche bag.

    If he’s not fired by sunrise, there is no God.

  • Independent_George

    Bruins have a right to gloat. We suck. 50/50 chance we beat Colorado, but other than the Buffs, we will not win another conferecne game.

    Kiffin is not a head coach. Not at a school in an automatic qualifer conference, noty in the MAC or WAC, not at an FCS school, not at a Division III program. He is, at best, a QB coach and a recrutuing coordinator under a real offensive coordinator and a real head coach. He makes Paul Hackett look like Bear Bryant.

  • Big Wave

    Hey Scott, did I mention cheating?

  • B.Miller

    Did you mention Kiffin? Take all the shots you want.. Im done defending him..