Washington State 10, USC 7 (Fourth Quarter)

Wow. What else to say? Oh wait, did I mention scholarship reductions?

6 thoughts on “Washington State 10, USC 7 (Fourth Quarter)

  1. What now Toejams. Who will the Goat blame this loss on. Maybe M. Lee. The Goat looked like an armadillo in Washington State’s headlights.

  2. No quarterback could succeed in Kiffin’s offense. What a freaking douche bag.

    If he’s not fired by sunrise, there is no God.

  3. Bruins have a right to gloat. We suck. 50/50 chance we beat Colorado, but other than the Buffs, we will not win another conferecne game.

    Kiffin is not a head coach. Not at a school in an automatic qualifer conference, noty in the MAC or WAC, not at an FCS school, not at a Division III program. He is, at best, a QB coach and a recrutuing coordinator under a real offensive coordinator and a real head coach. He makes Paul Hackett look like Bear Bryant.

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