Lane Kiffin Says No Players-Only Meeting

Lane Kiffin said USC did not hold a players-only meeting, which was suggested by wide receiver Marqise Lee on Saturday night.

“I don’t think that ever works,” Kiffin said, adding he prefers coaches to go over film with players instead.

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  • ThaiMex

    You don’t think he’s a little paranoid do you?

    fit UN STOOOOOOPID Torgan!

  • FreeShabazz

    Throwing down the field to your best receiver who fumbles the ball every other time you throw it short to him never works either.

    • snarfy

      “Every other time” is 50% of the time. Where did you get that stat? I need to get smart.

      • FreeShabazz

        You are right. I should have just said fumbles “a lot” to be more accurate. Good catch statman!!

  • l.w. anderson

    leave max browne alone; you’ve ruined two already Lame Paycheck.

  • l.w. anderson

    One of the great Father – Son Trojan ripoffs of all times. Effeminate play calling. A defensive coordinator who makes lame look like a West Hollywood Gay Pride Float contestant.

    • snarfy

      Nice homophobia. It reflects really well on the school.

  • TrojanConquest

    Afraid of mutiny.

    • marvgoux1

      Watch the mutiny of recruits now. It’s going to get ugly.

      • steveg

        Wonder why Haden wants to gamble with the future just to keep Kiffin.

  • Does anyone doubt Kiff kiboshed this meeting solely because it make him look bad???

    How embarrassing it is the players feel they are on their own!!!

    And what extensive no-coaches meeting experience does Kiff draw on to make the assertion “they never work”???

    • Larry Harris

      Wow! I can’t believe that you actually made an objective post. Tell you what…Have I got a deal for you. Give us Mora in exchange for Kiff and we will throw in two Flag girls, a naked photo of Traveler, a pair of cardinal-coloured pants, a woosie blue ucla shirt and baseball cap whose script is preceeded by an ‘F’, an option to sign our ex-basketball coach K.O (couldn’t be any worse than the new guy you just acquired….and if pushed to the limit, a CD of ‘Tusk’ replete with lyrics.

      • DEAL!!!

        Nice to see a trOXan with some game around here.

    • snarfy

      Coach Carroll always said he wouldn’t allow players only meetings because 18 year old kids aren’t seasoned enough to make them productive. So, I agree with Kiffen on that level.

      However, in this case you are also right in that there is added risk, specific to this situation, that a players only meeting could result in the players turning on Kiffin in a major way.

  • Trojanpete

    “I don’t think that ever works.” Yeah, buddy, like you watching film is working.

  • realtrojan

    Lane Kffin is obviously the hardest working and most faithful bRUIN in town right now.

  • SaferInWestwood

    Are they going over all the TDs they scored??? Anyone notice CLeach was calling plays from what seemed to look like a small peace of paper, think of what he could’ve done with a Dennys menu!?!?!

  • ThaiMex

    “you tube hitler reacts to usc’s loss to washington state”…
    must view…even you azzhole family guy….It’s called comedy
    fit un Torgan

  • Elroy Jetson

    It “never works”? Is there a single thing in your program that DOES work, Lame-O?

    • snarfy

      Even Coach Carroll used to say it doesn’t work. Not that Kiffin is Coach Carroll…

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    It’s about to get real ugly … maybe one of the players will punch Goatboy rather than Kenndy Pola

    • Independent_George

      So, did Ploa really punch Lamey? There were blind rumors on the pay board, but Ryan and Gary quickly deleted any post that specifically speeled out what happened in El Paso.

  • steveg

    Right Kiff, there may be one or two REAL leaders on the team who can maintain the organization until you are gone.

  • george trojan

    At this point, we certainly have to admire the genius of De Anthony Thomas. He chose a vibrant dominant college football program, and he is enjoying himself, just watch that Oregon sideline during one of their many touchdowns during their games. It’s not too late for Marquis Lee to book his flight to Eugene!

    • snarfy

      “Marquis” is actually spelled Marqise. Get it right.

    • ThaiMex

      ahhhh….I’ll never forget torgan RAH RAH’s (mono, owns, nubsie) saying DeAnthony was too small to play football and would just end up getting hurt! You boys are just soooooo QUEER!
      fit Un torgans!

  • Stu Azole

    If players hold a “players only” meeting in the woods, does a coach hear it start?

  • Fred Sampson

    What Lane Kiffin thinks don’t count and if that’s what the Players want then they should have done it. Athletic Director Pat Haden is a Fool for letting this thing fester from last season, he did the exact same thing with Kevin O’Neil and the Basketball program last year. When it’s obvious a Coaching Change is needed then DO IT !!!!! Don’t you get it Haden ??? Wow !!!!

  • Danny

    Kiffin is answering the wrong question. It doesn’t matter if player meetings are effective. Obviously USC players are frustrated and have some concerns. The way Kiffin says it implies he overrode their decision and is limiting any conversation that he might not like.

    In short, he is saying “my players don’t have any concerns” which reads “I’m the boss and I don’t care about how my players feel”

    Kiffin’s answer should have been “We are a team, and hold each other accountable. When any member of the team has a concern, we discuss it as a team. This includes the coaching staff. So, I asked our student-leader Marqise, to include the coaches in the discussions on how we as a team can turn this around”