Late Night With Lane Kiffin

Here’s some press-conference quotes from Lane Kiffin:

“I’m getting used to (the boos). You really can’t worry about that. It is what it is. I think I heard that before the game during warmups.”

“The plan was if we were able to hold up on defense to make sure we didn’t screw up on offense. As boring as it was, that was the plan.”

18 thoughts on “Late Night With Lane Kiffin

    • Is unfortunate that we have the worst coach in the country. Kiffin thinks he is bigger than SC. I bet Tennessee is glad he left. “You’re welcome Tennessee”.

  1. Kiffin… so it was the kickers fault you couldnt adjust at halftime to their drop 6 defense??? Kiffin… YOU SUCK!!!

  2. “That was the plan”….WTF? Way to have confidence in the team. This is going to get really ugly, since he will obviously lose the confidence of the team.

  3. Remember when Kiffin suddenly left Tennessee, and those fans felt so betrayed that they started rioting? Or was that all just a strange dream?

  4. Don’t pat your defense on their backs too soon, Lame Kiffin. Your defense isn’t that good either. Look at who you have played so far, pretty much any school can defend Hawaii and Washington State. Oregon State only gave up 14 to Hawaii but they lost to Eastern Washington (an FCS team)

  5. huh…a prevent offense. never heard of it, but its defensive sibling sucks. should have known from that it wouldnt work.

  6. Thats the problem.. Everyone and their mom knew Kiffins game plan and thats why WSU was able to break up every one of your pass plays..

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