Sunday Night With Lane Kiffin

The USC coach said he will “finalize” choosing a quarterback and let Cody Kessler and Max Wittek know tomorrow. It appears to be a long-term decision.
“It is time for us to make a decision,” Kiffin said.
Regarding the passing game, Kiffin said, “I’m completely shocked by what’s going on.”

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  • ThaiMex

    I suppose SMALLWOOD decommited because he was afraid to compete! Who could blame him for being afraid to play for a coach that PLAY’S NOT TO LOSE (and loses anyway).
    U Stupid Cheaters will be lucky to go 5 & 8.
    fit UN torgans

  • FireKiffin

    I guess this means that Benedict Haden didn’t fire the loser yet.

  • TrojanConquest

    “I’m completely shocked” that this guy still has a job. When you only call sideline passes and bubble screens, what the FRACK do you expect!

  • Dr. Paul

    Question for you Lane, Who called the “passing game” where the longest completion went 76 yards the other way?

    • sureshot32

      And that’s what you’d expect out of a cowardly gameplan. How easy is it to play against such a timid gameplan? If you’re a cornerback, you just play your guy close, knowing Kiffin is far too cowardly to throw the ball deep (or even 20 yards downfield). Jumping routes become waaaaaay easier when you’re playing against an offensive coordinator who is a coward.

      Mark Sanchez got a lot of heat in New York, and I remember one play in particular that got fans riled up against him. They were playing the Fighting Tebows on Monday night, and as usual, Tebow was having a very Tebow-esque kind of game. In essence, both coaches were afraid to try to win the game, so it was a conservative gameplan festival. Well, after so many short outs and comebacks, one of the Broncos corners finally jumped a route and took it to the house. NYJ fans were up in arms at Sanchez for such a terrible throw, but when you analyze the play, the corner had no intention on playing the receiver deep. He was going to jump whatever first move he made because he knew that Brian Schottenheimer was raised in the Kiffin school of cowards. Bottom line is that a cowardly game plan is going to end in your demise pretty frequently. We’ll just have to get used to this as long as Kiffin is at the helm.

      Better days are ahead of us. We can only hope Haden pulls the trigger sooner than later.

  • socaldude

    Wittek has shown us absolutely nothing in four games. With your job on the line I would throw all in with Kessler. He did get you your only t/d. The fact that you wouldn’t call pass plays down field is not his fault. Of the two he is the gamer that can pull you rear out of the fire. There is no more room for Wittek error now.

  • Chiete

    Texas fires Defensive coordinator after worst D performance in history. Can Kiffin fire himself??

  • steveg

    The guy sounds like he has a dual personality disorder, like it wasn’t really him calling the plays. Twilight zone!!

  • CardinalnGold

    You’re shocked that opposing defenses study film? If I know the bubble screens and hitch passes are coming don’t you think they know too?

  • B.Miller

    Everyone wants to blame the QB’s but in actuality.. you could have put the best QB in that offensive scheme and the same thing would happen. The game plan and offense scheme for this game was horrific. The O-Line was terrible on pass plays, and the QB/WR timing is off (because Kiffin didnt want to pick a QB)