• Stu Azole

    question at this point is “care or don’t care?”

    • steveg

      Dude, always care. No matter how much it hurts.

  • sureshot32

    Agree. Now if Kiffin would just let him actually throw the ball downfield.

  • Cloud Shaman

    NFL games this last week. Tight ends get many throws to them

  • TrojanFan

    Does it matter, there both junk!

  • snake plissken

    Just about 60 days overdue. Good work Kiffin.

    • Cheap seats

      60 days ago?? It would’ve been better if he named him going into SUMMER CAMP.

      Kessler still would’ve had some jitters on opening week, but he would’ve at least settled down midway through the season.

  • 1Emmit

    Kiffen brought this dog breakfast of a mess on to himself totally. He and he alone is to blame for the chaos on O. Not Kessler, not Wittek, not the assistants, not the receivers and not the O line. Trojan fans can only hope that Kessler can bring something positive out of the mess that he has been handed. If not for the irresolution of the head coach, Kessler should have been given the nod at least two weeks before Hawaii.

  • realtrojan

    LOL!!! This is indeed about choosing the lesser evil, just like voting for the President. I really doubt that Kessler is that great, but the truth is Wittek has done nothing. Like coach, like QBs. Simply dismal…LMAO!!!