Defensive Tackle Tashon Smallwood `Decommits’

Defensive tackle Tashon Smallwood decommitted from USC according to multiple reports. The reality is USC actually dropped Smallwood a few weeks ago over size concerns. It would be easy to paint this as a sign of dissatisfaction with Lane Kiffin, but this was initiated by USC.
At the same time, this is when you will hear some people claim recruiting is going to be negatively affected by speculation over Lane Kiffin. Nonsense. You don’t think there are recruits out there who might be more likely to pick USC if a change was made?
Who decommitted from USC when Kiffin replaced the great Pete Carroll? USC recruits itself.

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  • Scsyco

    I’m speechless.

  • Stu Azole

    sure it does. and look at the results!


      You bRuins love coming here to kick us when we’re down. But the best part about all of this, is that right now is as good as UCLA will get, yet they still won’t win the Pac12 or play in a BCS bowl.

      • now that’s just mean!

        that is the anger and shame talking.


          I only speak the truth.

  • John Derry

    The real question is, when does damage control begin to try and preserve some recruits for the next coach? I think if next week shows no significant gain in offense than Kiff needs

  • Golden Trojan

    Good objective reporting and commentary. Now that Kiffin has one foot out the door, you can feel vindicated Wolf and take your foot off his neck. Next year Kiffin will be somewhere else but you will still be INSIDE USC!

  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a brother, but you are saying the team’s performance does not impact recruiting??

    down beyond that snarling, snapping, foaming canine maw is little burgandy and gold heart beating with school pride??? after what they did to you, wolfman???


  • Helen

    Scottie: At first I was encouraged by your objective reporting, but then you had to end it with your vendetta stab on Kiffin. Maybe there is hope for you as a journalist… but I’m not holding my breath.

    • B.Miller

      Can you blame him.. Kiffin is a moron!

  • Pat Flaherty

    If you were a recruit and watched that fiasco would you still want to attend USC. Wow…I can not believe that you even made that statement and then put it in writing for the wprld to see how much you DO NOT know !!!

  • Danny

    Got to disagree on this one.
    Every football player going to the Pac-12 has dreams of going to the NFL. One of the biggest factors is a university’s ability to answer the fundemental question of “how is the coaching leadership going to help me get to the next level?”
    Right or wrong, recruits at USC have faith in Kiffin and his staff. If the coaches go, the recruits will go as well.

    • Patrick of Troy

      Ya…I guess you are right danny. Twenty-seven bubble screen passes will definitely get you ready to play on sunday’s. You keep Tosh.O around much longer and we won’t have to worry about recruits. There won’t be any !!!

  • Independent_George

    Really? USC recruits itself? Someone tell that to Ramsey Hatcher, Vanderdoes, Massington, Prevot, Fitts, Redfield.

    People stuck with Lane when he was hired because they thought it would be a continuation of the Carroll years. They are seeing that is not the case. Expect local kids to who committed to stick, and expect a lot of three star types, but do not expect any four or five OOS recruits to committ this year.

  • sureshot32

    Dropped Smallwood over size concerns? Didn’t his name give it away? What’s next, is Kiffin and/or Orgeron going to demand they put it on the table “to get an accurate measurement?”

  • The “great” Pete Carroll bailed when he read the writing on the wall.